News Business Operations General
December 15, 2020  

Gig economy workers face racism, sexism on the job

Lower tips, poor ratings

News Manufacturing General
August 24, 2020  

Students say Ontario business schools foster ‘hostile environment’

Social media accounts anonymously recount stories of racism happening in universities across the province.

News Government General
June 29, 2020  

First ministers couldn’t agree on condemning systemic racism in declaration: PM

Trudeau wouldn’t say which premiers weren’t on board

News Manufacturing General
June 22, 2020  

Want a diverse workplace? Rethink the entire system: experts

That includes the C Suite, and any strategy should be tailored to the particular needs of the staff involved.

News Government Economy General
June 9, 2020  

Trudeau to push police body cameras with premiers to aid ‘transparency’

They’re described as one relatively simple way to address complaints that police in Canada treat racialized people unfairly.

News Manufacturing General
June 2, 2020  

Canadian CEOs must support anti-racism efforts with action: experts

Create or revamp diversity and inclusion strategies, turn to Black employee resource groups for advice and conduct racial bias training.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 18, 2019  

Trump leans on issue of race in bid for a 2nd term in 2020

Chooses division on the belief the polarized country he leads will simply choose sides over issues like race.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 16, 2019  

Polls show sour views of race relations in Trump’s America

Views of the president, racism and what defines American culture vary significantly according to political alignment.

News Energy General
August 29, 2018  

Allegations of racism, sexual harassment at Manitoba Hydro site: report

Based on the experiences of 180 working at the utility’s Keeyask Generation Project.

News General
August 20, 2018  

No apologies for heckler encounter, Trudeau pledges to call out ‘hate speech’

Accused a Quebec woman of racism and intolerance as she heckled him over illegal immigrants during a rally.