News Food & Beverage Business Operations General
December 29, 2020  

Fired Tyson boss says COVID office pool was a ‘morale boost’

The office pool involved roughly $50 cash

News Food & Beverage General
October 23, 2020  

Quebec pork plant outbreak grows, Alberta boosting travel industry

62 workers at an Olymel plant tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
August 20, 2020  

Maple Leaf suspends pork exports to China after COVID-19 cases

China has adopted new protocols that require Canadian processors who report a positive COVID-19 case to do so.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
May 8, 2020  

Pandemic threatens to beef and pork producers: industry

Animals waiting to be processed are backing up, farmers are paying more to maintain them and considering culls.

News Food & Beverage General
April 20, 2020  

JBS shuts down Minnesota pork plant hit by COVID-19 outbreak

The Minnesota Department of Health reported over the weekend that 26 workers and five relatives of workers have tested positive for the coronavirus

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
January 7, 2020  

Impossible Foods unveils plant-based pork, sausage

Rolling out to restaurants first, company isn’t yet saying when it will come to groceries.

News Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing Economy General
November 6, 2019  

Pork, beef exports to China to resume after five-month suspension

China still bans the import of Canadian canola seed, alleging contamination; that dispute has gone to the WTO.

News Government Manufacturing Minerals General
July 11, 2019  

Ottawa announces $8.3M to support beef industry amid China standoff

Six projects but biggest recipient is Canada Beef, which is getting $5.3 million to grow sales internationally.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 27, 2019  

Trudeau seeks support from allies at G20 amid China-Canada tensions

Chinese have refused to talk to senior Canadian government officials.

News Food & Beverage Government General
June 26, 2019  

Meat industry groups concerned over China meat import ban, working with government

The ban comes amid a diplomatic dispute over the December arrest of Chinese national, Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
June 19, 2019  

China suspends pork imports from Frigo Royal over food safety issues

Reported discovery of ractopamine, a food additive banned in China, in a shipment of tongues from Quebec company.

News Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General
May 3, 2019  

China suspends export permits from two Canadian pork plants

All other approved Canadian pork processing facilities remain eligible to export.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
May 16, 2018  

Pork to pot: Cultivating cannabis in former Winnipeg Maple Leaf meat plant

The 11,000-square-metre facility will employ about 200 people once it’s fully operational next year.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 2, 2018  

US vs. China: a ‘slap fight,’ not a trade war. So far

The $3 billion in products targeted by Beijing amount to barely 2% of American goods exported to China.