News Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 22, 2020  

Recycling isn’t enough – plastic pollution crisis is getting worse

We could be spewing as much as 90 million tonnes of waste into the world’s waters by 2030.

News Food & Beverage General
May 26, 2020  

Plastics bans, environmental monitoring get short shrift

Retailers banned reusable packaging as use of plastic containers went up, and some cities cut or cancel recycling programs.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 20, 2020  

World carbon pollution falls 17% during pandemic peak: study

…But with life and heat-trapping gas levels inching back toward normal, the break will likely be “a drop in the ocean.”

News Manufacturing General
December 10, 2019  

Clean-tech innovator BIOREM tallies new orders worth $5.7M

High-efficiency air emissions control systems lined up for projects in China and Chicago.

News Automotive Government General
April 4, 2019  

New York will be first US city to charge congestion toll

London, Singapore and Stockholm have all implemented similar systems.

News Pulp & Paper General
November 29, 2018  

Pressure mounts on Ottawa to review NS mill’s effluent pipeline

Proposal to pump millions of litres of treated pulp mill waste into the Northumberland Strait has met with strong backlash.

News Energy Government General
October 23, 2018  

Federal carbon tax rebates will exceed the cost for most people affected [UPDATED]

Government will return 90% of all the money it collects from a carbon price directly to the Canadians who pay it.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 22, 2018  

Baloney Meter: Coal curbing benefits claim mostly accurate

Pros cited are 260 avoided premature deaths” and 190,000 fewer days of breathing difficulty and reduced activity.

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing General
February 20, 2018  

Minnesota’s $5B case over 3M chemicals heads to trial

Wide-reaching implications if the state succeeds, in part because 3M and other companies legally dumped the chemicals for years.

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 12, 2018  

More than 500 scientists demand improved pollution laws in Canada

Want changes to CEPA that put the onus on companies to show their products are safe before they’re put on the market.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
October 23, 2017  

Pollution more deadly than smoking, AIDS and war: report

Air, soil and water pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals killed three times more people.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General
August 1, 2017  

$50M settlement approved for DuPont mercury contamination

Court documents say it’s the largest natural resources damages settlement in Virginia history.

News Energy Government Business Operations General
July 21, 2017  

Liberals look to meet increased youth green jobs promise

The jobs are being defined as those that help reduce energy consumption, limit GHGs and minimize pollution.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 19, 2017  

Beijing to spend $2.7B on cleaning capital’s air

Some funding will be used to close or upgrade more than 2,000 polluting factories.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
January 17, 2017  

Closing Ontario’s coal-fired power did little to reduce pollution

As the federal government moves to phase out coal by 2030, the Fraser Institute it to heed the province’s example.