Feature Manufacturing General
August 6, 2020  

Solving problems: Start with “I don’t know”

It begins the process of finding more information.

Feature Manufacturing General
January 21, 2020  

Measuring performance for multiple sites, departments or teams

Maintain the focus to keep your strategy alive.

Insight Manufacturing General
November 28, 2019  

Want the best out of each employee?

Stop trying to fix their failings.

Feature Manufacturing General
November 5, 2019  

Signs and reminders: Don’t assume they’re read

Use standard work to describe the best way to do a task.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General
August 27, 2019  

Lead by example: Behaviour equals training

Your teams are watching what you do and say, and learning.

Feature Manufacturing General
June 24, 2019  

Training for the wrong skill? Be sure about the learning objective

Three questions that focus learning in the right place.

Feature Manufacturing General
May 7, 2019  

Training to fail: Negative expectations sabotage results

Focus on what the trainee does right, address what needs improving.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 11, 2019  

Sting brings musical to Oshawa to support GM workers facing closure

The former Police frontman is currently starring in a Toronto musical.

Feature Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

Train problem solvers and help question askers figure it out

How supervisors respond to questions trains team members to find the answers themselves.

News Manufacturing General Production
May 9, 2017  

Most companies missing on metrics to boost employee performance

CFERF/ADP study points to struggle measuring output leading to productivity deficit.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
October 1, 2012  

Slow growth the real drag on Canadian productivity: Deloitte

Companies not investing enough in their businesses, government policies encourage them to remain small.

News Production
November 4, 2011  

Help buyers buy

Today’s busy buyers are being asked to do more in less time while overwhelmed with phone calls, e-mails, meetings and fire fighting.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations
May 13, 2011  

Tech Tip: Optimize your seal efficiency

Pinpointing problems and taking quick and appropriate remedial
action optimizes seal performance and seal life.

News Facilities Maintenance Operations
October 6, 2010  

Go with the flow

Knowing how to maintain pumps and their components while dealing with malfunctions effectively goes a long way to improving pump performance, increasing reliability and saving some money.

News Sustainability
July 6, 2010  

Think Lean: Master the art of sustaining lean performance

You implemented lean, the results were spectacular and the

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Production
May 27, 2010  

Sounding off on vehicle acoustics

Sound quality is important when assessing the quality of

Tech Centre Operations
January 14, 2010  

CT12 single-board computer boosts control performance

CT12 6U CompactPCI singleboard computer. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.: GE Intelligent

News Facilities Maintenance Operations
December 19, 2008  

Consider a makeover for maintenance

Having a strategy is key to maintenance improvement, but