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August 12, 2020  

Unifor, automakers begin negotiations with COVID-19, economy in focus

On the lookout for attempts by manufacturers to use COVID-19 as an “excuse” going forward.

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August 26, 2019  

Trump claims serious trade negotiations with China to begin

Spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said he didn’t know what Trump was talking about.

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October 15, 2018  

Canada open to growing trade with China now USMCA is a done deal: PM

Trudeau says despite “reciprocal” clause in deal, Canada can do business with whom it pleases.

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September 13, 2018  

Freeland briefs PM on NAFTA, not returning to Washington immediately

Lead negotiator Steve Verheul and David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the US, back in action on Sept. 14.

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June 6, 2018  

Trump’s bilateral deal idea a tough sell

Canada says no, insists the NAFTA pact must be a trilateral deal.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
October 30, 2017  

Canadian trade insiders say no change in strategy if Trump starts NAFTA pullout

Interests are best served by sticking it out rather than stomping off and augmenting presidential drama.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 21, 2017  

US, Canada, Mexico pledge quick work to update NAFTA

Round one wraps, next sessions in Mexico and Canada in September.

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March 30, 2017  

History points to protracted and tough Brexit negotiations

Past suggests that it will be the British who will have to make the bulk of the concessions.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production Technology
November 6, 2012  

Striking Bombardier rail workers headed back to bargaining table

Union says company will present an offer that could end strike.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
October 29, 2012  

CAW strikes at Wescast and Lear over job security and concessions

Union accuses parts makers of lack of commitment; and trying to force concessions

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
August 14, 2012  

OPINION: Automakers are profitable, workers deserve to share the recovery

Will be bargaining for secure future investments and job security.

News Sustainability
February 3, 2010  

Consortium looking for wind and solar suppliers

More wind power part of Ontario’s green energy plan.