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January 21, 2019  

Tough economic times are coming

SYSPRO webinar covers how smart manufacturers will weather the coming storm.

News Manufacturing General
December 8, 2015  

Gosling, Myers sing Canadian Xmas song on SNL [VIDEO]

Two Canadian stars yuk it up about their home and native land

News Manufacturing Economy General
September 1, 2015  

ELECTION 2015: Boosting manufacturing

CME’s Jayson Myers discusses what he’d like to see from the major parties.

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Technology
October 11, 2013  

US shutdown: Limited impact on Canadian companies outside aerospace

Effect on agri-food and pharmaceutical companies that rely on US regulatory inspections “contained.”

News Manufacturing Business Operations
March 13, 2013  

Business groups stress support for Canada EU trade deal

They’ll stand behind it and help sell the deal to Canadians.

News Business Operations
December 8, 2011  

Action Plan to streamline Canada/US trade

The Action Plan on Regulatory Co-operation announced Dec. 7 aims to do away with the “tyranny of small differences” between Canada and US trade regulations.

News Manufacturing Business Operations
November 30, 2011  

Economy shows strong growth in Q3: 3.5%

The latest numbers form Statistics Canada suggest the economy sprang back to life in Q3 with a 3.5% gain in GDP, but there is troubling news buried in the stats.

News Business Operations Operations
January 27, 2011  

Two-year tax write off: Extend or end it?

The CME has been lobbying hard to extend the two-year machinery and equipment write-off until at least 2016. But a research paper by tax expert Jack Mintz and Chen support an end to such special preferences.