Tech Centre Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Technology
March 15, 2021  

Be alert with updated machine health diagnostics

More monitoring capabilities to spot severe faults.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
June 24, 2020  

Alberta reinstating environmental monitoring in industry, oilpatch on July 15

Testing and reporting had been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic

News Energy Government Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 16, 2020  

Scientists criticize Alberta’s monitoring suspension, lack of consultation

Most of it could have been done safely, says Jay White, president of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists.

News Energy Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 9, 2020  

Alberta First Nations appeal suspension of monitoring in oilpatch

Appeal argues suspensions were made without any rationale linking specific activities to COVID-19 risks.

News Energy General Sustainability
May 7, 2020  

Alberta suspends environmental monitoring rules for oil sands

Follows suspended environmental reporting requirements for all industry amid COVID-19 concerns.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
February 22, 2016  

Review of oil sands monitoring program coming

Ottawa, Alberta report will lay out how well it’s tracking changes.

News Energy Manufacturing Metals Facilities Maintenance General Operations Production Sustainability
June 23, 2015  

BluMetric awarded $3.2M environmental engineering contract

Vale Canada contract includes drilling, monitoring, and pumping of wells, aquifer tests and groundwater and surface-water sampling.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
February 24, 2015  

Sensors measure liquid levels accurately

4-20 mA output signal.

Feature Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Technology
June 16, 2014  

Drones take flight in the oil sands

FLIR and ING robotic aviation take aerial infrared detection west

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
June 14, 2013  

Deal spells out how oil sands will be monitored

Brings scientific credibility to assessments of billions of dollars in industry activity.

News Aerospace Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
January 28, 2013  

Boeing 787 battery probe shifts to monitoring system

No evidence GS Yuasa battery is the problem’s source.

News Business Operations Operations Sustainability
April 18, 2011  

Poor monitoring erodes confidence in the oil sands

With the escalating uproar among citizens and would-be revolutionaries in the Middle East and Libya, Alberta’s so-called “dirty oil” should be looking a great deal more attractive to America these days.

Tech Centre General
May 20, 2010  

ControlMaster elevates process control

Four models of ControlMaster process controllers and indicator instruments.