Feature Manufacturing General Operations
September 2, 2019  

Let there be light: New devices to make docks safer

Updated products incorporate sensors, LED lights, alarms and interlocking controls.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Production
February 14, 2019  

Western Energy sends drilling rig to US south as Canadian activity dries up

Drilling contractors have relocated 20 of their rigs to the US in 2018 to now, up from just six in 2017.

News Government Manufacturing General
January 15, 2019  

Border security shutdown invites fresh scrutiny of Canada-US threshold

Key Democrat on the House National Security Committee wants to ensure the northern border doesn’t get overlooked.

News Manufacturing General
March 19, 2018  

Pot producer Tilray links up with pharma firm Sandoz Canada

Exclusive collaboration on cannabis-based medical products which are non-smokable or non-combustible.

News Chemicals Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 12, 2018  

More than 500 scientists demand improved pollution laws in Canada

Want changes to CEPA that put the onus on companies to show their products are safe before they’re put on the market.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
November 8, 2017  

Moosehead wages trademark battle with Vermont pub

Brewer says Hop’n Moose using its trademarks on canned beer, promotional materials and related consumer products.

News Government Manufacturing Transportation General
December 7, 2015  

Ontario to announce plan for HOT HOV lanes

High-occupancy toll will be available on existing HOVs and expanded highways