Insight Manufacturing General Operations Production
April 25, 2015  

Manufacturing and the Millennials

The reality is, they’re going to make up the largest proportion of the workforce (75%) by 2025.

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations General
April 22, 2015  

Growth Tips: Influencing RFP outcomes

Speed up the decision process and improve your odds.

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April 22, 2015  

Action plan to stop sexual violence and harassment

Ontario introduces ‘It’s Never Okay’ and commitments to the workplace.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing Transportation General Operations
April 22, 2015  

INKAS armoured vehicles provide safety in global “hot zones”

The Toronto manufacturer is expanding five-fold thanks to its sharp focus on exports, R&D and customization.

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April 17, 2015  

2015 AUTO21 Conference

AUTO21, a national automotive research initiative supported by the

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations General
April 16, 2015  

Growth Tips: Cover your customer touch points

Improve the way you interact with prospects to grow profits.

Event Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
April 14, 2015  

MainTrain 2015

“I cubed” (Inspire, Innovate and Improve Maintenance) is the

Event Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
April 14, 2015  

Global Petroleum Show

The Global Petroleum Show presented by DMG Events is

Event Manufacturing General
April 14, 2015  

Automation Technology Canada (ATX)

Get a close look at technologies and applications plus

Event Manufacturing General
April 14, 2015  

InfraMation 2015

InfraMation 2015 is thermal imaging training conference for building,

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production
March 30, 2015  

Steeltown revival

Manufacturing to lead Hamilton’s job boom.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
March 29, 2015  

March of the robots: prepare for accelerated global adoption

The Boston Consulting Group is forecasting investment in advanced industrial robots will take off over the next decade.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
March 28, 2015  

More intensive coaching needed

People learn better when they get feedback.

Feature Manufacturing General Production
March 27, 2015  

What you need to know about ISO quality management revisions

Corporate leaders have to be more involved and committed to the objectives set out in management systems and plans to achieve them.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
March 24, 2015  

CCOHS Safety Tips: Getting a handle on shift work

How to avoid the negative effects

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
March 23, 2015  

How are your KPIs? Revisiting how you measure performance

KPIs need to be closely related to maintenance actions and what people can influence.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
March 22, 2015  

Defining cycle times…and other manufacturing terms

Operations are described using common terminology and mapping tools. Here are some definitions and simple examples.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General Operations Production Technology
March 20, 2015  

Let’s simplify innovation

Great innovation does something differently instead of doing something better

Insight Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas Economy General
March 20, 2015  

Bring balance back to the economy

A renewed strategy for advancing manufacturing should be linked to responsible resource use.

Feature Construction Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 20, 2015  

CAPiTA launches its Mothership

Snowboard manufacturer builds an emission-free plant

Feature Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Production Sustainability
March 19, 2015  

Green power for forklifts

Electrovaya’s green tech will be field tested by Mondelez’s distribution centre forklifts to reduce emissions and improve productivity.

Feature Manufacturing Transportation
March 18, 2015  

What’s driving boomers? [VIDEO]

AUTO21 study tracks their road behaviour

Feature Automotive Manufacturing General Production Technology
March 17, 2015  

Carbon fibre on the fast track

Speedy technology development is driving widespread carbon fibre adoption for cars of the future.

Insight Government Manufacturing General Operations
March 16, 2015  

Prepare a cyber defence

Manufacturers need to be aware of the threat to their businesses and place cyber security high on the action list.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
March 16, 2015  

Release the swarm!

Aeryon’s drones take flight in world markets

Insight Manufacturing Business Operations General
March 12, 2015  

Lean Alert: Go to the Gemba

Japanese term refers to “where the work is being done.”

Event Manufacturing General
March 11, 2015  

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems

For many manufacturers, compressed air may not stick out

Insight Manufacturing General
March 3, 2015  

Tips to avoid tipsy workers

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations
March 3, 2015  

Managing Assets: What’s the problem?

The type of maintenance work and how it’s done is changing. Maintenance pros have to adapt.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General
February 27, 2015  

Surf’s up! Useful websites for international traders

Twelve categories to cover when researching trade opportunities and strategy on the internet.

Insight Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
February 26, 2015  

Canada needs a manufacturing strategy

“A highly skilled workforce is essential to innovation and productivity in today’s knowledge-based economy…”

Feature Manufacturing Pulp & Paper General Sustainability
February 26, 2015  

Fuel from (wood) fibre

The popularity of Fiber Fuel has resulted in the Nova Scotia specialty wood producer adding capacity with a second briquetting machine.