News Manufacturing Technology
April 10, 2014  

Scientists attempt a 3-D printed, human heart

University of Louisville team has already printed valves, small veins with cells.

News Operations
October 22, 2013  

Prospect of easily made 3D printer guns worries federal officials

Study will look at 3D technology and crafting of firearms, parts and ammo.

News Business Operations Technology
September 5, 2013  

Doctors citing health problems demand Alberta phase out coal plants

TransAlta Utilities says 2006 university study found no health difference in people living near plants.

News General
July 18, 2013  

Cronus Chemicals proposes $1.2B fertilizer plant for Illinois

Fertilizer industry bringing factories back to US, but Texas blast highlights safety concerns.

News Business Operations Operations
April 24, 2013  

Pro-Or moving closer to commercializing platinum group metals recovery

A pre-feasibility study is awarded to engineering firm Seneca to expand a PGM prototype plant.

News Business Operations
November 19, 2012  

South Korea, China, Japan talk giant free trade pact

Would boost economic growth and stabilize relations.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
September 20, 2012  

Orbite tech super-purifies silica used in solar panels, other products

Hugh-purity alumina plant to be completed this year.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
September 10, 2012  

Canada’s economy expands as global risks wane: RBC

Business spending to be key driver of future growth.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability
September 5, 2012  

Kent to weaken emissions rules for coal fired power

Environment Minister to announce new rules to ensure coal power is as clean as natural gas.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
May 7, 2012  

ProMetic and Hematech close $10M orphan drug deal

ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. in Laval, Que. has signed a $10-million strategic manufacturing and licence deal with a drug manufacturer in Taiwan to co-develop and commercialize a pharma product that targets a rare medical condition (orphan).

News Business Operations Operations Technology
March 22, 2012  

Ford lays the foundation for a $1B factory in India

Ford Motor Co. laid the cornerstone for a new $1 billion dollar factory in India on March 22, pressing ahead with expansion plans despite an uncertain outlook for Asia’s No. 3 economy where growth in car sales has recently waned.

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Technology
May 13, 2010  

Héroux-Devtek invests $26.5M; Magellan lands $425M program

KITCHENER, Ont.: There have been some significant announcements in

News General
February 23, 2010  

Natcore China to develop solar film growth technology

Natcore China will use Natcore’s proprietary liquid phase deposition

News Sustainability
February 3, 2010  

Consortium looking for wind and solar suppliers

More wind power part of Ontario’s green energy plan.