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January 7, 2021  

Global water resources to provide services to Nikola’s zero emission truck plant

Global Water Resources, Inc., a pure-play water resource management

Feature Manufacturing General
October 15, 2020  

Wasteful processes: Add value by weeding out the poor performers

Tolerating them sets a bad example for staff.

Feature Manufacturing General
June 30, 2020  

More than a cost saving: WSIB’s excellence agenda

Develop management systems based on best practices.

Feature Manufacturing General
May 19, 2020  

COVID-19: What to do when the fog lifts

Develop a plan to stabilize and protect your business in the wake of massive changes.

News Manufacturing General
March 24, 2020  

Your participation in the 2020 EMC-PLANT salary survey is vital!

Salary information, kept strictly confidential, will help us compare manufacturing remuneration to industry averages.

Event General
November 16, 2019  

International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management 2020

The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management

Insight Manufacturing General
November 14, 2019  

Communicating the vision is as important as having one

Actions can change overnight with the right level of context and understanding.

Feature Manufacturing General
April 10, 2019  

Ask and answer to learn how to improve

Coaching cycles provide structure for addressing changing circumstances.

News Manufacturing Economy General
August 16, 2018  

PLANT launches 2019 Manufacturers’ Outlook survey

Be part of this important executive study of Canadian industry challenges and trends.

Feature Manufacturing General
December 10, 2017  

Advancing plant design: Focus on people, flow and the future

Workplaces should attract and sustain top talent while being adaptable to change.

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
December 10, 2017  

Prepare for an attack: Lessons learned from Verizon-Yahoo ordeal

Without adequate remedial action in place, cyber attacks can impact organizations in many ways.

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June 22, 2017  

Building better supervisors: certificate program boosts plant floor leadership

The EMC-Harvard course develops critical thinking, leadership and management skills, while delivering ROI and other benefits.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
February 18, 2017  

Learning curve: not on the customer’s time

If a company is willing to let employees look incompetent in front of customers, it’s going to lose revenue when they go elsewhere.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General
December 15, 2016  

Check under the hood: make it part of your due diligence process

Failure to assess cyber risks can lead to litigation and a depreciated value of the acquisition.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
November 10, 2016  

Securing the supply chain: hackers may target vendors to access your network

With the push towards automation and digitization of the supply chain, cyber risks can be significant.