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December 17, 2020  

Extracting lithium: Ensuring a power source for electric vehicles

E3 Metals improves the performance of its technology.

News Automotive General Technology
November 24, 2020  

Researcher develops innovative way to look inside lithium ion batteries

Rapid testing of the particles inside a lithium ion battery at the nano scale wins Audrey Taylor a Mitacs award.

News General Technology
September 8, 2020  

E3 Metals awarded $98,000 Alberta Innovates grant

Project will determine the development plan and costs of a brine projects.

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January 8, 2020  

Li-Cycle completes first commercial shipment of recycled battery material

Mississauga company’s unique process removes metals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium for reuse.

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February 23, 2016  

Rechargeable battery shipments to be barred from airliners

ICAO continues to work on new lithium battery packaging performance standard.

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September 26, 2012  

Electrovaya launches high-density, next gen lithium ion cell

Exceeds 200Wh/kg, 600% higher than lead acid batteries.

News General
March 15, 2012  

Electrovaya adds a 25 kWh battery system to line-up

Electrovaya Inc. is leveraging its utility and automotive batteries for a new line of mid-size energy storage products.

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March 14, 2012  

Metals and minerals scarcity

A PwC report says shrinking supplies of critical metals and minerals could seriously affect seven key industrial sectors over the next five years.

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March 14, 2012  

Driving an EV future

The automotive industry is investing in the development of electric vehicles and hybrids as it moves to meet NAFTA environmental standards that come into effect in 2016.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
February 7, 2012  

GM bullfrogs the Volt

General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt is plugging into green energy provider Bullfrog Power to launch a special edition of the electric vehicle (EV).

News Metals Production
August 8, 2011  

Maximize your thixotropy

Understanding, care and diligence will ensure you get maximum benefits from your thixotropic lubricants.