News Government General
December 10, 2020  

Legault calls for police to issue more tickets for COVID-19 violations

Premier wants to send a clear message ”to a small minority of Quebecers” who put the rest of the public’s health at risk.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
September 9, 2020  

Legault, Ford call on Ottawa to increase health transfers to provinces

No dollar amount set for the support they’re seeking but they believe a significant increase in the Canada Health Transfer is needed.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 28, 2020  

Quebec to reopen manufacturing, retail and construction businesses

Premier Legault says the pandemic outside long-term care homes “is under control.”

News Aerospace General
January 23, 2020  

Quebec premier cautious about response to Bombardier difficulties

Questions about the aerospace company’s future were raised after issuing a warning about its financial results.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
October 24, 2019  

Quebec hopes Trump lawsuit doesn’t force California out of carbon market

But Legault says the cap and trade system is still viable without the US state.

News Government General
August 14, 2019  

You need to find workers? Increase wages: Quebec’s Legault

Premier facing pressure from industry groups over reduced immigration that’s aggravating labour shortages and hurting economic growth.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
July 11, 2019  

Legault at odds with Alberta, Saskatchewan over Energy East pipeline

But Quebec is backing one major issue with some of the other provinces – opposition of the federal carbon tax.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 12, 2019  

Kenney seeks alliance with Quebec’s Francois Legault

Wants to revive what he called the historic alliance between the two provinces.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 27, 2019  

Legault to electrify Quebec’s economy, reduce oil consumption

Will require massive investments, which could come from the government’s Green Fund and increased infrastructure spending.

News Government Manufacturing Transportation General
May 27, 2019  

Legault to force the Caisse to purchase REM trains made in Quebec

Environment minister says there will be a local content for any infrastructure project related to public transit.