News Business Operations General
December 21, 2020  

Businesses, lacking legal immunity, fear COVID 

A lawsuit targeting a Tyson Foods plant in Iowa said workers lacked masks and were forced to work close together

News Manufacturing General
August 17, 2020  

Frank and Belinda settle Stronach family feud

Control of the family fortune will be split between two factions led by daughter and father.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
July 23, 2020  

Clint Eastwood sues CBD sellers over use of his name, image

Suits that seek millions in damages from defendants that include nearly 20 small companies.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
July 13, 2020  

Class action lawsuit alleges Cargill failed to take COVID-19 precautions

Guardian Law Group seeks damages for harm done to family members, friends and other people in close contact with Cargill employees.

News Manufacturing General
April 22, 2020  

3M files lawsuit against firm accused of price gouging on N95 masks

Notice of application alleges company claimed a phoney affiliation with 3M and continued to market masks on different Shopify-based sites after receiving a complaint.

News Construction General
December 18, 2019  

SNC-Lavalin settles Libya charges, pleads guilty to single count of fraud

Plea deal includes a $280-million fine to be paid over five years.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
November 20, 2019  

GM accuses Fiat Chrysler of bribing UAW to get lower costs

Lawsuit alleges FCA corrupted the bargaining process with the UAW in the 2009, 2011 and 2015 contracts.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
October 29, 2019  

Automakers side with Trump in legal fight with California

They want one national program with achievable standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
September 5, 2019  

Illegal to force carbon price stickers on gas stations: lawsuit

Canadian Civil Liberties Association says Sticker Act violates free speech provisions of the Constitution.

News Automotive General
July 30, 2019  

BMW wins skirmish in $175M claim against Autoport over stored cars

Automaker says BMW and MINI models stored by Autoport in Halifax were unduly exposed to ice, water and salt.

News Manufacturing General
May 15, 2019  

Canadian drug makers hit with $1.1B suit for pushing opioids

The suit also seeks a declaration that the companies were negligent in how they researched, developed and marketed opioids starting in the 1990s.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 11, 2019  

Scheer repeats alleged libel, goads Trudeau to sue

Repeats, word for word, his March 29 statement that prompted Trudeau’s lawyer to send him notice of a potential libel suit.

News Food & Beverage General
October 24, 2018  

DavidsTea says unhappy shareholders have withdrawn lawsuit against co-founder

The lawsuit filed in July sought to have Herschel Segal removed as executive chairman.

News Chemicals General
October 22, 2018  

Judge upholds Monsanto verdict, cuts award to US$78M

Lawsuit is among hundreds alleging Roundup weed killer caused cancer, but it was the first one to go to trial.

News Aerospace General
October 22, 2018  

Bombardier CEO tried to resolve trade secret row with Mitsubishi before lawsuit

Alain Bellemare warned Mitsubishi Heavy Industries board chairman Hideaki Omiya that the practices of subsidiary Mitsubishi Aircraft were causing “significant harm” to Bombardier.

News Manufacturing General
July 30, 2018  

States suing Trump administration, company over 3D guns

Judge asked to block a settlement with Defence Distributed that allowed the company to blueprints available online.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
July 23, 2018  

Nova Chemicals appeals ruling that it pay Dow $1.06B in damages

Dow Canada alleged breach of contract over Joffre joint venture agreements.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
April 25, 2018  

DeLorean widow sues for ‘Back to the Future’ payments

Unaffiliated DeLorean Motor Co. represented to Universal it had the right to merchandising money.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
April 4, 2018  

Ex Ford employee awarded nearly $17M in discrimination suit

Jury finds he was subjected to workplace discrimination and retaliation after he reported the abuse.