News Food & Beverage General
October 17, 2019  

‘Sky didn’t fall:’ Police, lawyers still adjusting after pot legalization

Organized crime’s market share and youth consumption have not yet fallen, and tools to detect stoned drivers are still lacking.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
May 2, 2019  

BC takes Alberta to court on law that could see gasoline exports cut

Arguing the Alberta law is unconstitutional, provinces can’t discriminate in the distribution of natural resource products.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 30, 2019  

Mexican Senate passes labour overhaul to ensure union freedom

New law requires secret-ballot union votes and proof of workers’ consent for contracts.

News General
October 18, 2018  

Police hand out a few hefty fines for allegedly violating Cannabis Act

Police across the country are reminding people where you can and can’t smoke up.

Feature Manufacturing General
August 8, 2018  

Workplace drug use: Legalized pot a buzz-killer for employers

How decriminalizing marijuana will impact management strategies.

Feature Manufacturing General
May 2, 2018  

You’re fired! Termination issues and practices to consider

What you need to know before dismissing an employee.

Feature Government Manufacturing General
February 13, 2018  

Managing the OHSA: Best practices for manufacturers

Protect workers while successfully responding to MOL inquiries

Feature Manufacturing General
December 10, 2017  

Take harassment seriously: Best to prevent it, costly to ignore

Court awards $650,000 for hiring decision that revictimized an employee.