News Electronics General
September 24, 2018  

Apple, Salesforce teaming up on mobile apps for business

New business apps exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Production Technology
March 22, 2016  

Apple releases small new iPhone, iPad for business use

iPhone SE will sell for $399 without a contract.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
October 21, 2014  

App eases enclosure selection

iOS compatible.

News Chemicals Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
August 14, 2014  

Apple bans potentially hazardous materials from iPhone, iPad assembly

Benzene can cause leukaemia if not handled properly; n-hexane has been linked to nerve damage.

News Manufacturing General Technology
July 15, 2014  

Got a rash? Check your electronic devices for nickel

Medical journals detail allergies from laptops, tablets and cellphones.

News Electronics Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability
April 22, 2014  

Apple increasing its reliance on renewable energy

Almost half of the electronics-giant’s stores and data centres are powered by renewable energy.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
February 21, 2014  

Struggling Sony counts on PS4 as other business lags

The Japanese electronics manufacturer’s other brands, including Bravia and Vaio, haven’t held their competitive edge.

News General
September 23, 2013  

New Surface tablets coming from Microsoft

They’ll be smaller, lighter, thinner to compete with Google Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini.

News Electronics Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
January 30, 2013  

Apple’s demand for increased patent damages from Samsung rejected

But validity of iPad and iPhone patents at the centre of the dispute upheld.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production
September 20, 2012  

Foxconn invests $500 million in Brazil for new factories

The company that makes Apple’s iPad says the factories will create 10,000 jobs.

News General
August 22, 2012  

Apple is ahead making improvements at China’s Foxconn plant

Fair Labor Association reports work time reduced to 60 hours per week.

Tech Centre Operations Technology
February 22, 2011  

Tinkerbox inspires teens’ inner engineer

Autodesk has come up with a design tool/game for teens called Tinkerbox that will awaken the designer/engineer in all of them.