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July 24, 2020  

China tells US to close consulate in Chengdu in growing spat

Retaliation for US order to close China’s Houston consulate after accusation Chinese agents tried to steal IP.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 30, 2019  

US citizen accused of spying on behalf of Chinese government

FBI director says China poses a more serious counterintelligence threat than any other country, including Russia.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
June 17, 2019  

Canadian innovators gain IP protection, 120 countries in one shot

Trademark regime reforms and three key trademark treaties now in force.

News Electronics General
December 10, 2018  

Chinese court bans some iPhones over Qualcomm dispute

Qualcomm says the ban covers iPhones 6S through X.

News Government Manufacturing General
October 3, 2018  

The winners and losers in the new NAFTA

The new deal is preferable to economic chaos.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
November 6, 2017  

Canada wants TPP changes on IP, supply management, culture

Expected to be a central topic at a meeting of leaders from the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation bloc.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

Trump to seek trade probe of China for technology, IP theft

This while seeking Beijing’s help to bring North Korea into line.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
February 24, 2017  

Leverage legal issues: innovating in a complex regulatory environment

Take advantage of legal issues to boost value and minimize IP risks.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
December 12, 2016  

Counterfeiter issues? XRCC experts are on the job

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada has developed advanced materials to meet manufacturers’ security challenges.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General Operations Production Technology
March 15, 2016  

Sask.’s Wall promises tax incentive for new patents that earn money

Goal is to reward companies that develop and commercialize patents and IP in the province, premier says.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production Technology
November 12, 2015  

TPP’s IP conditions bad for Canada?

Critics concerned IP conditions puts emerging and innovative entrepreneurs in smaller countries, such as Canada, at a disadvantage.

News Government Manufacturing General
November 9, 2015  

Balsillie fears TPP could cost Canada billions

Intellectual property rules weighted to the US make the deal the “worst ever” policy move.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Production
June 26, 2015  

Memex acquires IP, other assets of Dostek Inc.

Will use technology to enhance DNC capabilities of MERLIN shopfloor OEE platform.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 14, 2015  

China considers higher caps for IP violations

Cracking down on trade secret theft to encourage innovation.

News Energy Manufacturing General Operations Sustainability
July 2, 2014  

Ballard signs $1M services agreement with M-Field in Europe

Deal includes engineering services for material handling systems to be deployed in Europe.

News Aerospace Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
April 9, 2013  

US says action needed on growing Chinese hacking that harms trust, Beijing’s interests

Cyber intrusions from China have reached very high levels, adding to existing IP protection problems.

News General
March 11, 2013  

CSA supports changes to counterfeit products act

Combating Counterfeit Products Act toughens Trade-marks and Copyright laws.

News Business Operations
September 17, 2012  

Patent protection stirs Canada EU trade talks

Exclusive rights for 10 years feared to drive up drug plan costs.