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July 18, 2017  

US demands for NAFTA point to tough negotiations ahead

Trump administration’s overarching goal is to pare down the US trade deficit.

News Aerospace Government Manufacturing Economy General
April 5, 2016  

Feds spent almost $500Gs on Deloitte Bombardier study

Aerospace company wants $1 billion from Ottawa for CSeries aircraft.

News Manufacturing General Operations Production
October 7, 2015  

Quebec company looks at setting up Alberta cigarette plant

Four Winds Tobacco Products Inc. wants to produce cigarettes for export and for three wholesalers in Ontario.

News Government Manufacturing General
June 11, 2015  

Want a say about the development of standards?

New Standards Council of Canada service gives you access to the review process.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
January 14, 2014  

Tories cancel outside consultant to help auto industry in free trade talks

Industry Minister’s spokesman says not approved by Moore’s office; more than enough civil servants to do the job

News Aerospace Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
July 23, 2013  

Canada handed out $22.1B in business subsidies since 1961

Fraser Institute decries “corporate welfare” as it identifies the top 25.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
May 6, 2013  

Industry Canada looking for innovation from basement inventors

Pay more attention to amateurs for development of new consumer products.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Technology
December 10, 2012  

Sticker shock, tenuous industrial benefits renew F-35 jitters

KPMG report suggests the jets bill would balloon to $40 billion instead of the $16 billion initially anticipated.

News Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Sustainability
November 1, 2012  

A price to pay if China gets a no on Nexen

Investors would question Ottawa’s commitment to open markets

News Business Operations Operations Technology
September 27, 2012  

Canada’s science and technology is healthy and growing

Council of Canadian Academies reports we are fourth globally.

News Aerospace Automotive Forestry Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
September 10, 2012  

$13.7B in ‘corporate welfare’ since 1982: Fraser Institute

No payment expected by Industry Canada for nearly half.

News Automotive Energy Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
May 22, 2012  

Feds fund “Dutch Disease” research

Industry Canada releases a $25,000 report on an economic theory it ridiculed when raised by NDP leader Tom Mulcair.

News General
September 12, 2011  

India overtakes Canada in space competitiveness

Experts are worried about a report that shows India has moved ahead of Canada in space competitiveness and that Canada is also losing ground to other big players in space.