News Government Manufacturing General
May 25, 2020  

Low profits, few customers in post pandemic recovery: BC survey

43% businesses think they will need government incentives to continue operating.

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 14, 2018  

Economic incentives pay dividends

Recognizing incentives matter requires a reversal of many economic policies enacted by the Trudeau government.

News Government Manufacturing General
February 7, 2018  

Ontario moves to boost the apprenticeship system

Strategy includes employer incentives, post secondary promotion and reduced red tape.

Feature Energy Manufacturing General
December 10, 2017  

Save energy: Cash in on Ontario’s rebate programs

Programs are tailored to help mitigate high energy costs.

News General
December 6, 2017  

New regulations set to cost Alberta large emitters upwards of $1.2B a year

Intended to incentivize industries to reduce emissions; facilities below a set level of emissions rewarded.

News Manufacturing General Technology
August 18, 2017  

Wisconsin passes $3B incentive package for Foxconn panel factory

Opponents argued the proposal should be improved to add more protections for taxpayers, workers and the environment.

News Government Manufacturing General
August 14, 2017  

Wisconsin committee votes on costly Foxconn incentives

Challenged as too pricey, taking 25 years for taxpayers to break even.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Oil & Gas Business Operations Economy General Technology
April 18, 2016  

Alberta promises $90M in tax aid for SMEs

Program will be open to information, health and green technology companies.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy Facilities Maintenance General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Operations Production Sustainability Technology
March 20, 2016  

Manufacturing energized

Managing industrial electricity use more efficiently for savings and sustainability.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
May 28, 2015  

Lamborghini entering the luxury SUV market

Receives $87 million in incentives to build cars in Italy.

News Government Manufacturing General
March 19, 2015  

Sask. budget: No new taxes, but incentives take a hit

Incentives for industry to increase employees at head offices.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
September 5, 2014  

Tesla battery factory incentives worth up to $1.3B over 20 years

Nevada’s incentive package includes sales and tax abatements and tax credits for jobs and investment.

News Forestry Oil & Gas Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
August 20, 2013  

Canadians’ average salary increase for 2014 is 2.6%

Hay survey of top employers shows oil and gas, chemicals will pay the most.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations Technology
August 2, 2012  

Canadian auto sales up 4.7% in July

Automakers boost incentives, Japanese brands rally.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
February 27, 2012  

Automotive industry driving global rebound

Global vehicle sales continue to strengthen, with North American volumes exceeding an annualized 14 million units since February 2011, says the latest Scotia Economics Global Auto Report.

News Business Operations Operations Production Technology
August 8, 2011  

Advantage through innovation

Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax incentive program is one of the most generous in the world, yet it’s under-utilized by Canadian manufacturers.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Technology
December 21, 2010  

Plant pay takes a hike in 2010

It’s been a rough couple of years for manufacturers but management-level pay rose almost 4% in 2010 after a dismal 0.76% increase in 2009, according to Canadian PLANT survey of Canadian companies.

News Business Operations
December 16, 2010  

SME’s willing to pay more and buy Canadian

Almost two-thirds of Canadian businesses would rather pay more to buy materials from Canadian suppliers than source less expensive goods from overseas manufacturers, according to UPS Canada survey.