News Energy General Operations
October 5, 2020  

Safetyscope provides new field support for Hydro One workers

Will provide the utility with confined space attendant and rescue training with consulting services.

News Automotive General
February 17, 2020  

OPG, Hydro One creating EV charger network; Feds investing $8M

160 fast chargers will be built at 73 locations

News Energy Manufacturing General
August 9, 2019  

Hydro One Q2 profit plunges 23% as electricity revenue falls, costs rise

Attributes decline to higher weather-related costs for vegetation control and storm-related power restoration.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
February 15, 2019  

Hydro One threatened with action if it doesn’t cut proposed CEO pay

Board submitted a framework that would pay the next CEO up to $2,775,000.

News Energy Manufacturing General
January 23, 2019  

Hydro One, Avista call off merger citing Washington and Idaho rejections

Under the terms of the merger agreement, US$103 million in termination fees go to Avista.

News General
January 9, 2019  

Washington State regulator denies bid to reconsider Hydro One-Avista deal

The regulator is worried about interference from Ontario’s Ford government.

News Energy General
December 18, 2018  

Hydro One, Avista say Washington State regulator erred; request rehearing

Washington state regulators had said they would not allow Ontario’s largest utility to buy Avista for fear the provincial government might meddle in its operations.

News General
December 11, 2018  

Hydro One, Avista asking US regulator to reconsider denied acquisition

UTC can modify the prior order or take actions it deems appropriate, including extending deliberations.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
July 16, 2018  

Ford government moves to take more control of Hydro One executive salaries

Requires the board to establish a new compensation framework for the CEO and directors.

News Energy Government General
July 12, 2018  

Hydro One board resigns, CEO retires as Doug Ford makes good on campaign promise

Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt, who earned a $6.2-million salary last year, became a lightning rod for resentment during the election over rising electricity rates in Ontario.

News General
May 22, 2018  

Hydro One’s merger with US energy firm Avista clears another hurdle

US Committee on Foreign Investment has found no unresolved national security concerns.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 1, 2018  

Hydro One to review executive pay; Liberals to vote against compensation changes

CEO would get at least $10.7 million in severance if he were to be removed from his job.

News Energy Manufacturing General
April 13, 2018  

OEB pulls plug on Hydro One Orillia Power Distribution deal

Not satisfied no harm assessment test requirement had been met.

News Energy Manufacturing General
November 17, 2017  

Hydro One CEO says rate hike needed to keep the system stable

TORONTO — Hydro One has applied for a rate

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
October 4, 2017  

OEB orders Hydro One to cut administrative budget by $30M over two years

Ontario Energy Board says hydro customers gain little from the jump in IPO-generated executive salaries

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas Business Operations Economy General
July 5, 2017  

IPO market in Canada recovering after dismal 2016: report

PwC says there were 16 IPOs on Canadian exchanges in the first six months of this year that raised $2.9 billion.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
June 1, 2017  

Ontario budgets likely won’t be balanced after this year, watchdog says

Report says staying in balance will likely require additional fiscal measures.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 10, 2017  

Wynne government argues Hydro One suit is political, not legal complaint

Filed a motion to get CUPE lawsuit aimed at stopping the sale thrown out

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 9, 2017  

Ontario sells its final batch of Hydro One shares to gross $2.79B

Province will hold 49.9% but that could slip to 47.8% if over allotment option is exercised.

News Government Manufacturing General
March 31, 2017  

Hydro One CEO $4.5M salary not a factor in bill cuts: minister

“Regardless of what those salaries are, we will make a 25% cut”: Sandals

News Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations General
January 5, 2017  

Police investigating possible cyber threat against Hydro One

Electricity distributor says it doesn’t believe its power system has been compromised.

News Energy Government General
December 7, 2016  

CUPE sues Wynne, cabinet ministers for mixing fundraising and Hydro One sale

Aiming to stop the sale of any more shares while the province is still the majority shareholder.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
September 14, 2016  

CUPE sues Ontario to try to block sale of Hydro One shares

The province raised $3.2 billion from selling 30% of Hydro One so far.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 18, 2016  

More than 8% of Ontario households behind on electricity bills

$172.5 million is owed to the province’s energy distribution networks.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Operations Production Sustainability
November 13, 2015  

Sale of 15% of Hydro One shares, special dividends net over $5B

Ontario Liberals raises about $1.8 billion from the sale; will be used to pay down stranded debt from Ontario Hydro.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations Production
October 13, 2015  

Updated Hydro One prospectus estimates share price at $19 to $21

Ontario Liberals hope to raise $9 billion by selling 60% of the utility to pay down its debt and fund a $30 billion infrastructure fund.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Operations Production Sustainability
September 29, 2015  

Growing number of Ont. municipalities oppose Hydro One sale

More than 30% of the province’s municipalities have passed resolutions opposing the Liberal’s plans to sell the transmission utility.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Economy General Operations Production
September 21, 2015  

Ontario takes next step to sell Hydro One

A filing prospectus values the utility’s total assets at $22.6 billion.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
September 16, 2015  

Liberals defend Hydro One sale they opposed when PCs tried it

Premier Wynne claims privatizing 60% of the utility would raise $9 billion for provincial infrastructure development.

News Energy Manufacturing General
July 21, 2015  

Haldimand has new $19.2M transmission station

Hydro One project ensures electricity reliability and increased capacity.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations Production Sustainability
July 8, 2015  

Ontario businesses call on province to curb rising electricity prices

Ont. Chamber of Commerce says rising costs could force one in 20 companies out of business.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Operations
July 2, 2015  

Hydro One completes acquisition of Haldimand County Utilities Inc.

Haldimand County Hydro’s customers will see a 1% reduction to their monthly distribution delivery rates as of July 1.