News Automotive Electronics Transportation General
August 5, 2020  

Ex-Google exec sent to prison for stealing robocar secrets

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski helped steer Google’s self-driving car project before landing at Uber

News Government General
July 27, 2020  

Google extending ability for employees to work from home until at least next July

The tech company has about 1,500 employees, including engineers, sales leaders and artificial intelligence researchers at offices in Waterloo, Ont., Toronto and Montreal

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 2, 2019  

US proposes tariffs on up to $2.4B on French imports

Retaliation on France’s tax on American tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

News Manufacturing General Technology
September 19, 2019  

Huawei launches new phone with own version of Android

Mate 30 series smartphone counter US export sanctions.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
September 10, 2019  

Big Tech faces a new set of foes: nearly all 50 US states

Attorneys general are investigating whether Google’s online search and advertising business is engaging in monopolistic behaviour.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 11, 2019  

France adopts pioneering tax on tech giants after US threat

Amounts to a 3% annual levy on French revenues exceeding US$28 million.

News General
June 6, 2019  

Venture capitalist calls for end to Sidewalk Labs development

Says it gives too much power and control to the project’s backer Alphabet Inc.

News Government General
May 30, 2019  

Trudeau warns Internet regulation could be used to repress citizens, free speech

He made his case at a gathering of civil society and government representatives from some 100 countries.

News Electronics Government General
May 28, 2019  

Some tech giants sign onto Canada’s declaration on electoral integrity

Facebook, Google and Microsoft agreed to combat disinformation and promote transparency.

News Electronics Government General
May 21, 2019  

Huawei: US controls have ‘no impact,’ talking to Google

Huawei and Google are discussing possible “emergency relief measures” for its smartphone business.

News Electronics General
May 14, 2019  

Google opens German centre to improve data privacy

Data privacy and security at Google and its tech rivals including Facebook are increasingly in the spotlight.

News Electronics General
February 13, 2019  

Google to invest US$13B in new US offices, data centres

The company will have a physical presence in 24 states by the end of the year.

News General
December 11, 2018  

Google CEO faces House grilling on breach, China censorship

Reports say Google is poised to re-enter China with a search engine that caters to Communist party censorship rules.

News Electronics General
October 30, 2018  

IBM’s $34B Red Hat deal is risky bid to boost cloud business

It is the biggest acquisition in IBM’s century-long history.

News Electronics General
October 24, 2018  

Apple CEO backs privacy laws, warns data being ‘weaponized’

Tim Cook applauded EU authorities for bringing in a strict new data privacy law in May, the GDPR.

News Electronics General
October 10, 2018  

Montreal to host annual world artificial intelligence summit through 2021

Quebec’s largest city has become a global hub for research in AI.

News Manufacturing General Technology
September 13, 2018  

Google’s chief economist talks tech backlash, fake news and taxation

Deloitte report notes 35% of all clicks are coming from outside of Canada, extending the country’s reach to a global market.

News Government Manufacturing General
September 4, 2018  

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s imaginary wages, trade falsehoods

Another week of falsehoods on trade, other issues.

News Electronics General
July 11, 2018  

How Apple’s app store changed our world

The app store is now the fasting growing part of Apple’s gigantic business.

News Food & Beverage General
May 30, 2018  

Swiss Chalet launches voice orders through Google Assistant App

Announcement comes as company making concerted effort to integrate technology into operations.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 27, 2018  

How Facebook was able to siphon off phone call and text logs

It began uploading call and text logs from phones running Google’s Android system in 2015

Feature Manufacturing General Technology
April 18, 2017  

Quantum upgrade: D-Wave tech advances artificial intelligence

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab in California will upgrade its computing power with the new 2000Q system.

Feature Aerospace Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
August 9, 2015  

D-Wave breaks quantum barrier

Milestone enables system to address larger, more complex problems.

Feature Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
August 8, 2015  

Why your plant needs wearables

Hokey? Maybe. An opportunity for manufacturers? Definitely