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December 4, 2020  

Automakers prep for stronger mileage standards under Biden

Most automakers want one national standard so they don’t have to build two versions of each vehicle.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 6, 2019  

As US lowers auto emissions standards, Canada reaches crossroads

Still thinking about whether it will stick with ambitious future emission standards.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
July 26, 2018  

Feds insist emission standards need to strengthen, as US eases rules

Current rules aim of increasing fuel efficiency for vehicles sold between 2022 and 2025.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 12, 2018  

Auto fuel efficiency makes gains, but falls short of targets

CO2 fuel economy data show 2016 was higher than model year 2015 by only one-tenth of a gallon.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Operations Production
June 8, 2017  

Ford adds oomph to already impressive F-150 Raptor pickup

Truck boasts better fuel economy, a more powerful engine, and lighter aluminum body panels.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General Operations Production
October 14, 2015  

Ontario to allow self driving cars on roads for testing purposes

Pilot project will encourage companies to conduct research and development in the province.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Production
July 2, 2015  

Newer cars burn excessive amounts of oil, survey finds

Consumer Reports finds Audi, BMW and Subaru among biggest offenders.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Sustainability
June 22, 2015  

New truck rule to increase fuel efficiency, reduce pollution

Would cut fuel costs by about $170 billion and reduce oil consumption by up to 1.8 billion barrels.

News Automotive Metals Business Operations Operations Technology
January 13, 2014  

Ford’s new aluminum F150 a radical change for pickup truck market

Shaves 700 lb. from the body to make it more fuel efficient and nimble.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
January 7, 2014  

BlackBerry’s QNX, automakers developing synthetic engine sounds

The technology replicates the sound of yesteryear’s driving experience as cars become quieter and more fuel efficient.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production
April 11, 2013  

China’s March auto sales up 13.3%, Japanese brands suffer more decline

Communist government promoting auto manufacturing, but still fine-tuning policies to encourage smaller, fuel-efficient vehicle sales.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production Technology
January 4, 2013  

Canadian vehicle sales up 6% in 2012

Automakers post best sales year since 2002 as Canadians bought nearly 1.7 million vehicles.

News Sustainability
August 10, 2011  

New emissions rules for vehicle makers

U.S. and Canada propose regulations for GHGs from heavy-duty vehicles

News Aerospace Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
July 20, 2011  

Boeing and Airbus get monster jet deal

Airline may have played companies off each other to get better deal for 460 planes

News Aerospace Business Operations Operations Technology
June 24, 2011  

Big Canadian presence at Paris Air Show

Highlights of Canadian aerospace’s massive showing at this week’s Paris Air Show