News Energy Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 9, 2020  

Alberta First Nations appeal suspension of monitoring in oilpatch

Appeal argues suspensions were made without any rationale linking specific activities to COVID-19 risks.

News Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
June 5, 2020  

First Nations, environmentalists ask for restart of oilpatch monitoring

Companies no longer have to monitor fumes released by burning, or look for and repair leaks of methane, a greenhouse gas.

News Government Oil & Gas General
May 14, 2020  

Chiefs, governments to sign rights understanding after BC pipeline protests

Memorandum doesn’t address Wet’suwet’en opposition to the pipeline, part of a $40-billion LNG export terminal project in Kitimat.

News Government Oil & Gas General
December 19, 2019  

Indigenous opposition to pipeline shouldn’t outweigh others: Provinces

Court heard from four Indigenous groups from British Columbia on Trans Mountain.

News Government Oil & Gas General
December 16, 2019  

First Nation alleges Ottawa withheld info during Trans Mountain consultation

Indigenous groups arguing in the court the Canadian government predetermined the outcome before its latest approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

News Manufacturing Metals General
November 7, 2019  

BC should demand miners pay cleanup costs up front: Study

Rules review to ensure taxpayers aren’t stuck with the costs of cleaning up or caring for abandoned mines.

News Energy General
August 14, 2019  

Canada to fund Indigenous groups’ energy projects in BC, Alberta

Money will be provided through the Indigenous Natural Resource Partnerships program.

News Oil & Gas General
July 25, 2019  

Indigenous pipeline bidder launches ‘listening tour’ along Trans Mountain route

Former chief proposing ownership of at least 51% of the federal government-owned pipeline be shared among all participating Indigenous communities in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

News Energy Manufacturing General
July 10, 2019  

First Nations challenge pipeline: claims bias meant improper consultations

The federal government approved the expansion again in June after a second round of consultations.

News Food & Beverage General
July 4, 2019  

Ontario to issue 50 new cannabis store licences, eight to go to First Nations

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will hold a new lottery on Aug. 20 for the next 42 retail store authorizations.

News Oil & Gas General
June 11, 2019  

Alberta bill in fall to help First Nations invest in energy projects

The province to provide $1 billion to provide financial backstops and loan guarantees.

News Government General
April 25, 2019  

JWR: Feds want to just ‘manage the problem’ of Indigenous Peoples

Former AG torched Trudeau government in speech to indigenous council.

News Food & Beverage General
April 16, 2019  

Tax, licensing standing in the way of Indigenous cannabis entrepreneurs

Reserve politics and jurisdictional issues have complicated legalization in Indigenous communities.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General
March 13, 2019  

Clearwater and 14 First Nations reach 50-year Arctic surf clam deal

Agreement protects existing fishery jobs while creating economic and employment opportunities.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
January 16, 2019  

Wait until Trans Mountain pipe built before buying in, Indigenous investors told

Uncertainty around regulatory hurdles a stumbling block for First Nations investors.