News Manufacturing Economy General
October 13, 2020  

Report says pandemic intensified economic disparities

BDO affordability index shows nearly two in five say their personal finances deteriorated during the first wave.

News Government General
September 18, 2020  

Design of post-CERB benefits could change as pandemic shifts: minister

The Liberals unveiled the $37-billion package of three benefits and easier access to employment insurance last month as a replacement

Insight Government Manufacturing Economy General
August 25, 2020  

Federal finances remain vulnerable to fluctuating interest rates

An increase could lead the government into a downward cycle of increased deficits, and that means higher taxes.

News Government General
August 3, 2020  

Trudeau says feds will create EI like benefit for gig, contract workers

The $80-billion Canada Emergency Response Benefit is set to wind down over the coming weeks

News Manufacturing Economy
July 30, 2020  

U.S. economy shrank at record breaking 33% rate last quarter

State and local government spending, bruised by a loss of tax revenue that forced layoffs, also fell at an annual rate of 5.6%.

News Manufacturing General
July 30, 2020  

New growth opportunities to present itself in contracting global economy: report

Cross-industry collaboration, reduced taxes, and low interest rates key to expediting recovery from the economic slump

News Energy General
July 7, 2020  

SaskPower is taking a revenue hit from COVID-19

Crown utility says sales were down by 10% from April to June, too soon to rule out increases.

News Government General
June 25, 2020  

Eight more weeks of CERB to cost $17.9 billion, budget officer says

CERB, now budgeted at $60 billion, has paid out $52.14 billion to over eight million people as of June 21.

News Government Economy
May 28, 2020  

Federal deficit likely reached $260B due to COVID-19: PBO

Finances could be helped by an economic recovery that would help lessen the red ink.

News Government General
March 26, 2020  

Ontario introduces $17B COVID-19 package; more than doubles deficit

Spending boost includes a $1-billion COVID-19 contingency fund for hospitals, and more personal protective equipment for front-line workers.

News Automotive General
February 3, 2020  

Quebec billionaire Lawrence Stroll acquires stake in Aston Martin

Under an agreement announced Jan. 31, the group led by Stroll will inject $316 million to acquire a 16.7% stake in the automaker

News Government General
December 16, 2019  

Liberals’ fiscal update shows billions more in deficits but steady economy

Finance Department said the deeper deficit is largely driven by changes to how employee pensions and benefits are calculated.

News Government General
December 16, 2019  

Morneau set to hear from provinces pushing for more financial help [UPDATED]

Five provinces will receive payments in the fiscal year that starts in April.

News General
September 26, 2019  

Canada’s top 1% saw fastest income acceleration, overall decrease in taxes

In 2017, those in the top 1% saw average income growth that year of 8.5% to $477,700.

Feature Manufacturing Business Operations
September 1, 2019  

All business is global: Stop losing on currency exchanges

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News Government Oil & Gas General
July 2, 2019  

Higher oil prices, more tax income: Alberta ends 2018-19 with smaller deficit

Resource revenue was up $1.6 billion from what was expected.

News Aerospace Transportation General
April 25, 2019  

Bombardier cuts outlook, full year revenue guidance down by US$1B [UPDATED]

Full first-quarter financial results released on May 2.

News Government Manufacturing Economy
March 14, 2019  

Federal budget expected to have more wiggle room, even with weaker outlook

Economy posted solid numbers for much of last year and employment has remained particularly strong.

News General
March 14, 2019  

Canada’s Big 5 bank CEOs pay rises 6.5% to earn $54M in 2018

A double-digit overall pay bump may make some bat an eye, but increase in compensation is reflection of complexities in financial sector CEOs face, expert says.

News Government Economy
March 6, 2019  

Bank of Canada’s interest rate decision helps utilities and telecom sectors

The BoC decided not to increase interest rates.

News Automotive General
February 28, 2019  

Tesla to pay off US$920M in bonds with company cash

Tesla had about $11 billion in debt at the end of 2018.

News Government Economy
December 20, 2018  

Liberals say they are looking at ways to provide minimum income to all Canadians

The pledge could pull votes away from the New Democrats and Conservatives.

News Government General
December 17, 2018  

Canada’s robust credit rating should calm fears about federal deficits: Trudeau

One expert says credit ratings can be misleading.

News Energy Oil & Gas General
December 13, 2018  

AltaGas slashes dividend, sells remaining stake in BC hydroelectric operation

The company also says it has targeted an additional $1.5 billion to $2 billion in asset sales next year.

News Government General
November 19, 2018  

Doug Ford, in fireside chat, says PC government ‘may’ balance budget by year 4

His government has said the shortfall they inherited from the Liberals was $15 billion.

News Government General
November 19, 2018  

French bank fined US$1.3B in penalties over Cuba dealings [UPDATED]

It’s the second largest penalty ever imposed on a financial institution for violating US economic sanctions.

News General
November 19, 2018  

Even small companies may be able to cut Amazon like deals

Whether a small business wants to buy or rent, it may have leverage with landlords or local governments to get breaks on rent or taxes.

News General
November 19, 2018  

Bombardier shares rebound from Friday’s loss by gaining more than 20 per cent

Quebec’s financial market regulator announced Thursday it is reviewing Bombardier’s executive compensation plan.

News Government General
November 15, 2018  

Ontario to announce tax exemption for low income workers in fall fiscal update: sources

Workers earning less than $30,000 will no longer have to pay provincial income tax starting next year.

News Oil & Gas General
November 13, 2018  

TransCanada expects to raise dividend at eight to 10 per cent annual rate

Last week, a US judge blocked a permit for TransCanada’s Keystone XL project and ordered officials to conduct a new environmental review.

News Government General
October 25, 2018  

Ottawa to run bigger than expected deficits over coming years

Feds are on pace to post a $19.4-billion deficit in 2018-19, $1.3 billion higher than the projection in last February’s budget.

News Oil & Gas General
October 17, 2018  

Oilsands target MEG formally rejects Husky Energy’s $3.3B takeover bid

MEG says the offer “significantly undervalues” its shares and is not in the best interests of the company.