News Electronics General
September 15, 2020  

Facebook to buy REI’s new headquarters near Seattle

Company opened its first office in 2010 with three engineers, now it employs more than 5,000 workers in dozens of locations.

News Electronics General
August 5, 2020  

Facebook launches its new TikTok clone, Instagram Reels

The new Instagram feature will let users record and edit 15-second videos with audio, and will let users add visual effects

News General
July 27, 2020  

Twitter and Facebook become targets in Trump and Biden ads

Since the last presidential election, Facebook and Twitter have banned voting-related misinformation

News Government General
July 2, 2020  

Canada’s five big banks join anti-hate advertising boycott of Facebook [UPDATED]

Scotiabank, RBC, CIBC, BMO and TD have pledged to stop purchasing ads on the site for the month.

News Electronics General
May 21, 2020  

Facebook pays $9.5M to end Competition Bureau’s privacy probe

Social media site gave the false impression privacy settings would give users control over who could see and access personal information.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
December 2, 2019  

US proposes tariffs on up to $2.4B on French imports

Retaliation on France’s tax on American tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

News Electronics General
October 15, 2019  

Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg

Elizabeth Warren, who in March proposed breaking up big tech companies, began running a text ad on Facebook to take aim at Zuckerberg.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General
July 18, 2019  

Major economies raise red flags over Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra

Must meet highest standards” of financial regulation to prevent money laundering, threats to the banking and financial system.

News Government Manufacturing General
July 11, 2019  

France adopts pioneering tax on tech giants after US threat

Amounts to a 3% annual levy on French revenues exceeding US$28 million.

News General
June 20, 2019  

Facebook plans its own currency for 2 billion plus users

Digital currency, called Libra, scheduled to launch in the next six to 12 months.

News Government General
May 30, 2019  

Trudeau warns Internet regulation could be used to repress citizens, free speech

He made his case at a gathering of civil society and government representatives from some 100 countries.

News Electronics Government General
May 28, 2019  

Some tech giants sign onto Canada’s declaration on electoral integrity

Facebook, Google and Microsoft agreed to combat disinformation and promote transparency.

News Electronics General
May 14, 2019  

Google opens German centre to improve data privacy

Data privacy and security at Google and its tech rivals including Facebook are increasingly in the spotlight.

News Electronics General
May 2, 2019  

‘Privacy-focused’ Facebook puts the spotlight on groups

The social media giant is overhauling its flagship platform.

News Electronics General
April 25, 2019  

Facebook anticipates an FTC privacy fine of up to US$5B

Regulator has been looking into whether Facebook broke its own 2011 agreement promising to protect user privacy.

News General
April 9, 2019  

Faith Goldy, five others, banned from Facebook and Instagram over hate

The one-time Toronto mayoral candidate was fired by Rebel Media for taking part in a podcast on a neo-Nazi group’s website.

News Electronics General
March 27, 2019  

Facebook extends ban on hate speech to ‘white nationalists’

Critics have raised these issues to the highest levels at Facebook, says advocate.

News Electronics General
March 6, 2019  

Zuckerberg promises a privacy friendly Facebook, sort of

The tech giant’s CEO said he isn’t currently worried about denting Facebook’s profits with the increased emphasis on privacy.

News Electronics General
October 24, 2018  

Apple CEO backs privacy laws, warns data being ‘weaponized’

Tim Cook applauded EU authorities for bringing in a strict new data privacy law in May, the GDPR.

News Electronics General
October 10, 2018  

Montreal to host annual world artificial intelligence summit through 2021

Quebec’s largest city has become a global hub for research in AI.

News Electronics General
September 26, 2018  

Facebook unveils Quest, its new virtual reality headset

Stand-alone device that won’t require a smartphone or a connection to a personal computer.

News Government Manufacturing General
April 12, 2018  

Zuckerberg: Regulation ‘inevitable’ for social media firms

No consensus and few specifics about what that might look like – or even what the biggest problems are.

News Manufacturing General Technology
April 4, 2018  

Data of 620,000 Canadians improperly shared with consulting firm: Facebook

Overall, 87 million users affected, nearly 82% believed to be located in the US.

News Manufacturing General
March 28, 2018  

AggregateIQ Data Services in Victoria denies link to Facebook data scandal

Whistleblowers claim its connected to efforts to circumvent election finance rules during the Brexit referendum.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 27, 2018  

How Facebook was able to siphon off phone call and text logs

It began uploading call and text logs from phones running Google’s Android system in 2015

News Government Manufacturing General
March 20, 2018  

[VIDEO] UK seeking warrant to access Cambridge Analytica servers

Company allegedly used data mined from Facebook to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

Insight Manufacturing General Operations Production
April 25, 2015  

Manufacturing and the Millennials

The reality is, they’re going to make up the largest proportion of the workforce (75%) by 2025.