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May 16, 2018  

Baby bibs, blankets contain toxins Canada banned in other products: report

End federal exemptions that allow such chemicals in clothes and other textiles: Environmental Defence

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 14, 2018  

Ottawa to assess climate change impact on Nova Scotia’s land link to Canada

Study will focus on centuries-old dikes and key infrastructure in the Chignecto Isthmus Trade Corridor.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 11, 2018  

NAFTA body calls for investigation into oil sands tailings enforcement

Environmental watchdog questions how the federal government enforces the Fisheries Act in relation to the giant ponds.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 11, 2018  

Aluminum smelting breakthrough produces oxygen instead of greenhouse gases

Process eliminates greenhouse gas emissions from traditional smelting by producing oxygen.

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May 9, 2018  

Environment groups pan Liberals for fossil fuels, parks management

Government has kept promises in principle, but not in execution.

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May 7, 2018  

BC sets new greenhouse reduction targets to 60% by 2040

Environment minister confident goals will be reached by working with industry, communities, residents.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 7, 2018  

Kenney returns to Ottawa as wing man in Tories’ fight against carbon tax

Says his top priority if elected will be repealing Alberta NDP’s carbon tax on gasoline and heating fuels.

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May 3, 2018  

Can Tories claim they cut emissions while cutting taxes?

Yes, but with some alternate facts and baloney on the side.

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May 1, 2018  

Morneau ducks queries on carbon tax gender costs

Analysis found the impacts differ, depending on the system and how the revenue is used.

News Government General Sustainability
April 30, 2018  

Carbon price could cut 90 million tonnes of emissions by 2022: report

Ottawa analysis is attempting to sell the politically divisive, carbon-pricing policy.

News Manufacturing General
April 25, 2018  

Globalization may actually be better for the environment

Green innovations that can be transferred from countries with strict environmental regulations to pollution havens.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 23, 2018  

Halifax looks at restricting flyer delivery: ‘huge environmental issue’

Similar bylaws passed in other cities including Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal.

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April 23, 2018  

Mackenzie Pulp Mill fined $900,000 for leaking effluent into BC lake

Two incidents involving discharge coming from the mill that was found to be harmful to fish.

Insight Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General
April 18, 2018  

Alberta and BC are dropping the gloves over pipelines

Notley warns of retaliation if BC’s obstruction of the pipeline continues.

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April 18, 2018  

Canadian emissions creep lower in 2016 but Paris targets still dubious

187 million tonnes away from commitment to get emissions to at least 30% less than they were in 2005 by 2030.

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April 16, 2018  

Horgan still blocking Trans Mountain after meeting with PM, Notley

Trudeau insists the Kinder Morgan pipeline is within federal jurisdiction, Horgan’s government has no authority to block it.

News Food & Beverage Manufacturing General Sustainability
April 10, 2018  

Nestlé aiming at 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025

Will focus on eliminating non-recyclable plastics and use of plastics with better recycling rates.

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April 5, 2018  

Trudeau heads west with his environment and economy balancing act

Trans Mountain pipeline protesters plan to give him a less-than-warm welcome.

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April 4, 2018  

Even strong climate change believers don’t get carbon pricing: survey

Fewer than half are confident they even know what it actually is; 66% see it as best way to curb emissions.

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March 29, 2018  

Volkswagen: We’ll buy your diesel back if it’s banned

Guarantee applies to new cars bought from a Volkswagen dealer from April 1 through the end of the year.

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March 28, 2018  

Fisheries groups opposing Nova Scotia mill’s proposed effluent treatment plant

Other options should be explored, with rigorous research to assess the impact.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 26, 2018  

How smartphones are heating up the planet

Study found relative contribution of ICT to the total global carbon footprint is expected to grow to 14% by 2040.

News Chemicals Manufacturing General
March 19, 2018  

NC may test food near Chemours plant for industrial chemical

Chemicals released into the air were found in about 40% of the food samples collected within about 4 kilometres of the European factory.

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March 6, 2018  

Canada will meet climate targets despite emissions gap: McKenna

Report to the UN shows Canada is 66 megatonnes short of its target, a 50% increase for 18 month ago.

News Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 5, 2018  

An Ontario PC government could get carbon cash tax despite opposition

Federal tax will go ahead whether or not the PC’s fight in court, and the money will come to Ontario.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
February 15, 2018  

Toyota Canada CEO concerned sole focus on zero-emission vehicles will miss real target

Larry Hutchinson stressed the need for multiple powertrain technologies to reduce greenhouse gases.

Feature Food & Beverage Government Manufacturing General Operations Production Sustainability
June 20, 2017  

Flow Water’s commitment to mindful hydration

Flow Water commits to the environment with a high-quality healthy beverage in a Tetra Pak container.

Insight Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
January 6, 2015  

Carbon taxes take a big bite out of your wallet

…But they’ll do nothing for the environment; so what will they really achieve?

Feature Energy Oil & Gas Business Operations General Sustainability
December 22, 2014  

The legal costs of climate change

Energy companies could be on the hook for billions in damages.

Feature Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
November 1, 2014  

Ford drives out waste

Ford of Canada’s Oakville Assembly plant is a busy

Feature Energy Manufacturing Oil & Gas General Sustainability
October 30, 2014  

What to do with CO2?

A pilot with Husky Energy and a program run by EERC will put the enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology to the test.

Feature Construction Manufacturing General Sustainability
September 4, 2014  

Putting power into conservation

Four steps to triple bottom line savings.