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March 1, 2020  

Energy distribution without a control cabinet

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News Electronics Manufacturing General
February 13, 2020  

Rittal introduces ‘Advancing Women in Tech’ scholarship

Two female undergraduates interested in careers in the electrical industry will get $1,750 each.

News Manufacturing General
December 16, 2019  

Rittal Systems wins AD award for marketing excellence in 2019

Recognized by Affiliated Distributors for its innovative marketing programs.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
March 26, 2019  

Electrical machines: Keep your eyes open

MotorDoc LLC advises get insights from visual inspections.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations
March 24, 2015  

CSA Bayern now tests terminal blocks for NA

Certifies them for use in electrical control cabinets.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
October 3, 2013  

Deep Panuke fire caused by lack of maintenance inspections

Thermography, low resistance testing and other checks not done: report.

News Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
April 3, 2012  

Huge transformer delivered to cancelled NG plant

A giant transformer was moved onto the site of a cancelled gas generating station in Mississauga on April 2, just days after the Ontario government was hit with a $300 million lawsuit for breach of contract.

News Business Operations Production
May 18, 2011  

More production and profit for manufacturers

The strong Canadian dollar isn’t slowing down some manufacturers too much, particularly those making electrical equipment, fabricated metals products and machinery.