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July 5, 2018  

Driverless vehicles: not such a great idea

Better to leave the big driving decisions in human hands.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
March 28, 2018  

A delay of mass market driverless cars wouldn’t be a problem: Chen

Blackberry CEO sees 2025 for commercially available autonomous vehicles as more realistic.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
March 27, 2018  

New cars are quickly getting self-driving safety features

They include laser sensors, AI, larger viewing screens, cameras that can read speed limit signs, and systems that slow cars ahead of curves and construction zones.

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February 28, 2018  

Going driverless: Legal considerations for the auto industry

Introducing driverless vehicles into our lives comes with unique legal risks.

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February 27, 2018  

California OKs autonomous car testing without backup drivers

A major step toward getting autonomous vehicles to dealerships and onto the streets.

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January 29, 2018  

Senators urge Liberals to act on privacy, security issues with automated cars

Different departments and levels of government are taking different approaches to automated vehicles.

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January 19, 2018  

Ontario technology hubs key for GM Canada’s plans for driverless cars: CEO

GM also plans to open a “mobility campus” in Toronto to complement other research centres.

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January 15, 2018  

Ford to bring out 40 electrics, hybrids by 2022

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January 10, 2018  

Driverless cars could be coming soon to Ontario roads

Liberal government is proposing to change the rules of its 10-year automated vehicle pilot project to allow for testing.

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October 10, 2017  

Magna joins BMW, Intel to develop autonomous vehicle tech by 2021

Technology to be flexible, adoptable for integration by multiple automakers.

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September 13, 2017  

Investigators cite Tesla Autopilot limits in fatal crash

The direct cause of the crash was an inattentive Tesla driver’s over reliance on technology.

News Manufacturing Transportation General
June 14, 2017  

CN to spend $500M on technology with eye on driverless truck threat

Canada’s largest railway is making the investments to improve operations and stay ahead trucking changes.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
April 4, 2017  

Daimler, parts firm Bosch team up to make driverless cars

Combining expertise in car making, sensors and software.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
July 4, 2016  

Tesla crash could hurt sentiment on driverless cars

Survey says two-thirds of drivers are moderately or very concerned about riding in a self-driving vehicle.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
August 4, 2015  

3 German automakers buy Nokia’s HERE map business

The $3.1B deal is for technology that will be used for driverless cars.

News Transportation Business Operations Technology
June 6, 2013  

Bombardier wins $771M MOVIA order from Stockholm

To deliver 96 C30 metro vehicles with an option for 80 more.