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June 1, 2020  

Quantifying customer value is the antidote to a downturn

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March 23, 2015  

How are your KPIs? Revisiting how you measure performance

KPIs need to be closely related to maintenance actions and what people can influence.

News Energy Oil & Gas Business Operations General Operations
September 26, 2014  

Statoil puts Corner oil sands project on hold, cuts 70 jobs

Norweigan oil company blames concerns about rising costs.

Feature Manufacturing Facilities Maintenance Operations
April 25, 2014  

Controlling costs

Cash in on missed opportunities.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Technology
November 5, 2013  

Apple cuts 13% off cost of making least expensive iPad

Lowering its bill for the iPad Air could reverse a profit slump that has contributed to a 25% stock-price drop.

News Energy Business Operations Operations Sustainability Technology
March 4, 2013  

Energy companies already factor in higher carbon costs: study

Sustainable Prosperity study says they’re using self-imposed, internal pricing.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
February 3, 2012  

Medicago invests $4M in Quebec R&D expansion

Biotech company Medicago Inc. is investing about $4 million and creating 20 new jobs as it expands its Quebec research plant.

News Energy Operations Production Sustainability
November 4, 2011  

Compressed air: you’re blowing it

Evaluate the efficiency of your compressed air system by
scrutinizing material, labour, downtime and energy.