News Oil & Gas General
July 27, 2020  

Deutsche Bank says it won’t back an new oilsands or coal project

It says its ban on oilsands financing, effective immediately, will include exploration, production, transport or processing

News Energy Manufacturing Economy General
March 2, 2020  

Saskatchewan government pledges $10M for coal communities

Moe says money could be used to retrain workers for other industries and business development in consultation with local groups.

News General
December 17, 2019  

Manufacturing sales down 0.7% at $57.1B in October

Sales fell in 11 of 21 industries.

News Energy Government Manufacturing Sustainability
December 2, 2019  

China plans new coal plants, trims support for clean energy

Investment in China’s renewable energy dropped almost 40% in the first half of 2019.

News Government Manufacturing General
October 30, 2019  

Trump’s Rust Belt revival is fading. Will it matter in 2020?

Economic trajectory shifting downward quickly, fueled by a slumping global economy and the trade wars.

News Energy Manufacturing General
July 9, 2019  

Cape Breton coal mining suspended after new roof collapse

Inspectors sent to the mine to look at the extent of the rock fall.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
June 19, 2019  

Amid urgent climate warnings, EPA gives coal a reprieve

More coal plants to open as a result but court challenges will follow.

News Energy General
June 11, 2019  

Nova Scotia Power generates 30% of its power from renewables

Marks a 24% reduction since 2007 from reliance on coal-fired power plants.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 23, 2019  

US says Trump coal moves hasten but don’t increase emissions

Critics call negligible effects contention absurd given the scope of the federal coal program.

News Manufacturing General Sustainability
May 8, 2019  

SaskPower carbon capture facility to fall short of annual target: CEO

Annual goal is 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide; captured 626,000 last year.

News Energy Government Manufacturing General
May 1, 2019  

Group wants faster phase out of coal-fired plants in Nova Scotia

Agreement with Ottawa means the province can still emit millions of tonnes of emissions for 10 years or more past the deadline.

News Energy Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 12, 2019  

Climate change support could wane if no help for coal workers: report

Task force lays out 10 broad recommendations to help workers prepare for a future without coal.

News Manufacturing Minerals General
January 28, 2019  

New policy says Export Development Canada is off coal investment

It means no funding for any international project that involves thermal coal.

News Energy General
January 16, 2019  

Democrats hit Trump EPA nominee on coal lobbying, rollbacks

Democrats say Andrew Wheeler’s work for coal companies should disqualify him from leading an agency that regulates coal.

News General
December 13, 2018  

States cite climate worries in push to stop US coal sales

Companies have mined about 4 billion tons of coal from US federal reserves in the past decade.