Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
October 8, 2020  

Simplify automation design with customized machines

Build your own online with Vention cloud platform.

News Manufacturing General Technology
June 2, 2020  

Vention raises $38M to scale its cloud manufacturing automation platform

Expands the range of manufacturing processes that can be automated profitably.

Biz Intelligence Manufacturing General Technology
February 27, 2020  

ERP: Why cloud-first doesn’t mean cloud-only

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Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
May 21, 2019  

Industrial IoT on the rise

Making data more central to business.

News Electronics General
April 17, 2019  

Microsoft deal means more access for all Canadian public servants: minister

Includes more digital communication tools for public servants with disabilities.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
May 2, 2018  

Feds see internet data cloud as alternative to their creaky computer systems

…But concerns related to data control, protection and privacy have been raised.

News Manufacturing General
March 19, 2018  

BlackBerry says new software bridge to Microsoft products will increase security

Provides various security features for programs whether they’re on smartphones, tablets or computers using major operating systems.

News Government Manufacturing General Technology
February 8, 2018  

Drones to cloud computing: Russian cyber hack wish list

Fancy Bear hackers exploited US national vulnerability in cybersecurity: poorly protected e-mail.

News Manufacturing General
November 3, 2016  

Study finds 48% of Canadian organizations have no cloud security

More than three-quarters of senior IT executives feel it’s not adequately addressed.

News Manufacturing General Technology
June 2, 2015  

CISCO offers new Cloud and IoE certifications

Training connects plant personnel with the unconnected.

Tech Centre Business Operations
December 29, 2011  

Get your head in the cloud

Cloud or “adaptive” computing is one of several emerging technologies that offers strategic advantages relevant to companies across many industries.