News Manufacturing Technology
August 20, 2020  

Texas startup will make a BlackBerry 5G phone for NA, Europe

Devices made by FIH Mobile will be available from OnwardMobility next year.

News Electronics General
August 4, 2020  

BlackBerry releases free reverse engineering tool to fight cyber attacks

PE Tree reduces the time and effort required to reverse engineer malware

News Electronics General
February 3, 2020  

TCL Communication will stop selling BlackBerry-branded devices

No further rights to design, manufacture or sell any new BlackBerry devices.

News Electronics General
September 24, 2019  

BlackBerry Ltd. reports US$44M Q2 loss, revenue up 16% from year ago

The recently acquired Cylance operation contributed $35 million in revenue.

News Automotive Electronics General
June 26, 2019  

BlackBerry expands partnership with LG Electronics as it reports Q1 results

BlackBerry QNX software will be used in infotainment systems, digital instrument clusters and telematics systems for internet-connected vehicles.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
May 29, 2019  

Former BlackBerry employees OK for severance class action

Ontario judge clears the way for suit that alleges the tech company attempted to avoid paying the employees what they were owed.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
March 27, 2019  

Canadian tech group seeks to accelerate development of secure IoT

Accelerator will provide facilities for the project, Telus will provide funding and access to a wireless network.

News Electronics General
January 8, 2019  

BlackBerry Secure tools revealed at Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

The BlackBerry Secure labelling has been attached to specialty phones.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
June 22, 2018  

Chinese startup EV maker picks BlackBerry for key software licences

QNX technology will be used in Byton’s first series of intelligent production vehicles.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
June 20, 2018  

Self-driving cars won’t be mainstream until standards set: Blackberry CEO

Some countries drive on the right side of the road, some on the left; some grids use 110- and others use 220-volts.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
March 28, 2018  

A delay of mass market driverless cars wouldn’t be a problem: Chen

Blackberry CEO sees 2025 for commercially available autonomous vehicles as more realistic.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 28, 2018  

BlackBerry revenue tops expectations, cuts Q4 loss to US$10M

Although the Waterloo company is a fraction of what it was, its shares have improved over the past year.

News Manufacturing General
March 19, 2018  

BlackBerry says new software bridge to Microsoft products will increase security

Provides various security features for programs whether they’re on smartphones, tablets or computers using major operating systems.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
March 19, 2018  

Uber suspends self-driving car tests in Toronto and elsewhere after pedestrian death

Woman walking outside a crosswalk in Phoenix suburb hit by vehicle in autonomous mode.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
January 15, 2018  

BlackBerry unveils new security tool at Detroit auto show debut

Its Jarvis software will scan all software components in a vehicle within minutes to predict and fix vulnerabilities.

News Manufacturing Transportation General
September 20, 2017  

BlackBerry partners with Fleet Complete on fleet tracking solution

Operators will access performance and operation data, like driver behaviour and fuel levels.

News Automotive Manufacturing Transportation General Technology
June 8, 2017  

BlackBerry updates vehicle security software platform

QNX hypervisor 2.0 software allows multiple operating systems to run at the same time on one hardware platform.

News Automotive Government Manufacturing General
March 31, 2017  

Ford hires 400 for Canadian connected car research

Ottawa research centre is part of a $500 million Canadian investment.

News General
February 27, 2017  

Last BlackBerry-designed phone with physical keyboard coming in April

TCT will manufacture, sell the smartphone in Canada and several other countries.

News Automotive Manufacturing Transportation Business Operations General Operations Production
December 19, 2016  

Blackberry hopes to make itself indispensable for self-driving car producers

Company’s QNX division has opened a research centre for autonomous cars in Ottawa.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
December 9, 2016  

BlackBerry launches security platform to help companies manage connectivity

Blackberry Secure helps businesses keep tabs on devices to transmit sensitive data to keep people, information and goods safe.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
October 31, 2016  

Ford, Blackberry to collaborate on auto software

A team of BlackBerry employees work directly with the automaker to beef up its “connected” vehicle technologies.

News Electronics Manufacturing General
October 6, 2016  

BlackBerry says there will be a new keyboard model within 6 months

TORONTO — One of BlackBerry’s top sales executives says

News Manufacturing General Technology
September 29, 2016  

BlackBerry diehards bemoan the end to Canadian made smartphones

Waterloo company is outsourcing production severing the Canadian hardware link.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
September 28, 2016  

BlackBerry to stop making its signature smartphones

Hardware development will be outsourced to the company’s partners.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production Technology
July 27, 2016  

BlackBerry launches smartphone with emphasis on beefed up security

DTEK50 fends off cyberattacks with features built-in malware protection and encryption of all user information.

News Manufacturing General Operations
February 24, 2016  

BlackBerry acquires UK cyber hacker whacker

Encription will be part of the Waterloo tech company’s new cybersecurity practice.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General Operations Production Technology
January 15, 2016  

Diversification key to economic success, Trudeau says

Prime Minister speaks of importance of high-tech sector while touring new Google headquarters in Kitchener, Ont.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
January 7, 2016  

BlackBerry reveals latest driverless car software developments

New technology includes a program that allows vehicles to interact with each other in order to prevent collisions.

News Government Manufacturing Economy General Technology
October 8, 2015  

Balsillie guiding creation of innovation lobby group

Former RIM co-CEO says lobbying is critical for a sector based on developing ideas that will generate economic value.

News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Production Technology
September 28, 2015  

BlackBerry unveils Android-powered smartphone, Priv

Switch was controversial, but one the Waterloo, Ont.-based company said is necessary to address a major marketing issue: a lack of apps.

News Manufacturing General Technology
September 25, 2015  

BlackBerry revenue falls more than expected

Adjusted loss bigger than estimates, but $51 million net income.