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November 6, 2019  

30% of minority Canadians experienced discrimination at work: survey

But obstacles to diversity results showed Canadians fared better than those in similar countries.

News Manufacturing General Technology
January 31, 2017  

Manufacturing must seize upon digital transformation: BCG

Artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics and 3D printing are a few of the innovations.

News Manufacturing General
December 6, 2016  

Factory of the future will reduce conversion costs up to 40%: BCG

Study finds leading manufacturers focus on modular production, advanced analytics, smarter robots, augmented reality.

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May 1, 2015  

UK has top internet economy in G20: BCG

The sector has overtaken manufacturing and retail.

Feature Manufacturing General Operations Production Technology
March 29, 2015  

March of the robots: prepare for accelerated global adoption

The Boston Consulting Group is forecasting investment in advanced industrial robots will take off over the next decade.

News Manufacturing Transportation General
March 19, 2015  

Container shippers need to transform: BCG

Report calls for accelerated transformation and closer alliances.

News Manufacturing General
February 10, 2015  

Robots to cut labour costs 16% by 2025: BCG

Report says they’ll sharply improve leading export nations’ productivity.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
August 25, 2014  

Global auto industry recovery gains traction

Shareholder return surpasses 26 industry groups tracked by BCG.

News Automotive Electronics Manufacturing General Production
August 19, 2014  

Cost shifts change global production strategies

BCG report says productivity gains lead to plant investment in UK, Mexico.

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February 6, 2013  

Sustainability leads to higher profits: BCG

Innovators focus on increasing market share, competitive advantage.

News General
January 29, 2013  

Watch out for the new breed of Asian entrepreneurs

They’re focused on accelerating growth, and they’re after your lunch.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
January 15, 2013  

Emerging market challengers outpacing Western multinationals

BCG report says they’re spending $1.7 trillion a year to fuel growth.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production
October 15, 2012  

US manufacturing skills gap not what it seems

Boston Consulting Group says skills gap unlikely to prevent resurgence in US manufacturing.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
August 31, 2012  

Strategic and active M&A delivers strong gains: BCG report

More value in divestitures than commonly believed.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Production
April 20, 2012  

BCG predicts more production US-bound from China

A Boston Consulting Group report predicts 37% of US-based large manufacturers are planning to bring back production to the US from China or are considering it.

News Electronics Business Operations Operations Technology
October 27, 2011  

$100B in lost output to China coming home: BCG

Manufacturing in China for North American markets is not as cost-effective as it once was, and it appears some of the lost US production may be coming back.