News General
October 1, 2020  

Ikea Canada to phase out non-rechargeable alkaline batteries

In fiscal year 2019, Ikea sold roughly 300 million alkaline batteries globally.

News Automotive General
October 1, 2020  

Closing date of GM-Nikola partnership may be delayed

Automaker would get an 11% stake in exchange for engineering and building Nikola’s Badger hydrogen fuel cell and electric pickup truck.

News Energy General
May 21, 2020  

Global energy storage to rebound, witness strong capacity additions: Frost & Sullivan

The United States and China are set to be the biggest markets for energy storage in terms of installations and installed capacity

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
January 8, 2020  

Li-Cycle completes first commercial shipment of recycled battery material

Mississauga company’s unique process removes metals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium for reuse.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
November 13, 2019  

Musk says Tesla to build new factory near Berlin

The new plant will build batteries, powertrains and vehicles, starting with Model Y.

News Automotive General
May 14, 2019  

Volkswagen to invest 1B euros in battery production plant

Factory is part of the company’s effort to electrify its vehicles.

News Automotive General
February 7, 2019  

AAA: Cold weather can cut electric car range over 40%

Tesla disputed the AAA study results.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
February 4, 2019  

Tesla buys battery technology company

Maxwell Technologies will help the manufacturer of electric vehicles cut production costs.

News Automotive Manufacturing General
January 22, 2019  

Toyota, Panasonic announce joint venture for green auto batteries

Automaker will take a 51% stake in the venture, which will be running by the end of 2020.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Sustainability
October 2, 2017  

GM to offer two more electric vehicles in next 18 months

Sees its entire model lineup running on electricity in the future, big battery or hydrogen.

News Electronics Energy Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production Sustainability
August 9, 2017  

Electrovaya gets $3.8M to develop Li-Ion batteries for commercial vehicles

Funding made available by Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

News Electronics Energy Manufacturing Business Operations General
July 5, 2017  

Electrovaya Inc. CEO to pay $250K penalty over OSC disclosure violations

Settlement follows allegations by the OSC that Electrovaya issued unbalanced press releases and failed to update its disclosure record.

Feature Manufacturing General Sustainability
March 17, 2017  

Dal’s battery man: Jeff Dahn awarded the Herzberg medal

The researcher was awarded the $1 million Herzberg medal recognizing his efforts to improve lithium-ion batteries.

Feature Electronics Energy Manufacturing Business Operations General Sustainability
February 20, 2017  

Electrovaya: Charging a greener future

Electrovaya is confident its safer and greener technology will overcome concerns about the promising battery technology.

News Electronics Energy Government Manufacturing Business Operations General Sustainability Technology
February 7, 2017  

Dalhousie professor wins top science prize for battery research

Jeff Dahn has an “exclusive research partnership” with Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors.

News Manufacturing Metals General
June 23, 2016  

Proposal to build Quebec graphite mine, world’s largest

Material used in lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations Production
June 13, 2016  

Johnson Controls spending $245M on North American battery plants

Investment largely will be in the US and will add jobs at multiple locations.

News Electronics Energy Manufacturing General Technology
April 25, 2016  

The battery that could last a lifetime

University of California research team develops nanowire battery that’s been charged over 200,000 times.

News Manufacturing Technology
April 4, 2016  

Nanotechnology applied to improve battery efficiency

Prague-based HE3DA has developed a technology increase the size and surface of battery electrodes.

News Automotive Energy Manufacturing Transportation General Technology
November 26, 2015  

Experts amped about battery tech helping to limit global warming

Scientists overcome major obstacles in creating a battery that has up to 10 times the energy density of today’s best batteries.

News Manufacturing General Operations Production
August 25, 2015  

AquaMetals breaks ground on $30M battery recycling plant in Nevada

Facility is a stone’s throw away from Tesla Motors’ electric battery gigafactory.

News Manufacturing General
July 2, 2015  

Orbite, NRC to benchmark HPA in Li-ion batteries

NRC scientists will characterize various separator formulations.

Feature Manufacturing Transportation General Operations Production Sustainability
March 19, 2015  

Green power for forklifts

Electrovaya’s green tech will be field tested by Mondelez’s distribution centre forklifts to reduce emissions and improve productivity.

News Energy Manufacturing General
October 28, 2014  

Alevo to make batteries at old Philip Morris NC plant

Start-up is not seeking tax breaks or incentives to locate in North Carolina.

News Automotive Manufacturing Business Operations General Operations
September 3, 2014  

Tesla selects Nevada for $5 billion battery factory

The “gigafactory” will create an estimated 6,500 jobs.

News Automotive Business Operations Operations
October 17, 2013  

Zenn reports inconsistent test results; shares drop 34%

Tests on EEStor electricity storage layers didn’t confirm results similar to those reported by third-party experts.

News Metals Business Operations Operations Production Sustainability Technology
July 26, 2013  

China orders production cuts in 19 industries

Aim is to redirect the economy despite slowing growth.

News Automotive Energy Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Sustainability Technology
April 24, 2013  

Fisker’s troubles began a year before its loan was suspended

Obama administration was warned in 2010 the electric car maker was missing milestones.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Production Technology
February 8, 2013  

Gov’t approval of 787’s batteries should be reconsidered: NTSB

Boeing will start test flights under limited circumstances with special safeguards.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Production Technology
February 6, 2013  

Lithium batteries not necessarily unsafe in aviation: NTSB chairman

Manufacturers must build in reliable safeguards, says the top of the US’s leading aviation safety agency.

News Aerospace Electronics Business Operations Operations Production Technology
January 22, 2013  

FAA tries to keep pace as more advanced technology takes to the air

After Boeing 787 grounding, experts question the authority’s ability to keep up with the way planes are built today.

News Business Operations Sustainability
September 19, 2012  

China further tightens rare earths controls

Reduces number of rare earths mining permits.