News Aerospace General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
July 22, 2020  

Cascade Aerospace awarded Bangladesh Airforce contract

Will perform inspections, overhaul components and provide additional maintenance work.

News Manufacturing General
May 1, 2019  

Gildan increasing its manufacturing footprint in Bangladesh [UPDATED]

It purchased a large land parcel to build a vertically integrated plant.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
March 12, 2018  

Bombardier sending officials to Nepal to help with plane crash investigation

An air safety senior investigator will act as an adviser and a field service representative will support the airline.

News Manufacturing General
September 12, 2016  

Death toll in Bangladesh foil factory fire rises to 31

Huge blast triggers massive blaze, at least eight people missing.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
November 11, 2013  

Bangladesh garment workers clash with police

Demands for higher wages fuel bloody protests, 100 factories closed.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations
September 25, 2013  

More than 100 Bangladesh garment factories shut

Workers continue protests over wages, police battling demonstrators.

News Manufacturing Business Operations Operations Technology
June 27, 2013  

US set to suspend Bangladesh trade privileges

Garment plant disaster prompts action to withhold duty-free program.

News Business Operations Operations Technology
June 13, 2013  

Building inspections in Bangladesh show other factories at risk

$20 billion industry is struggling to regain the confidence of Western clothing companies.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
May 16, 2013  

Part of Cambodian shoe factory collapses, killing 2 workers

Heavy iron equipment on upper floor may have caused the collapse.