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January 7, 2020  

An unclear path for Canada’s auto sector as electric age approaches

Will have to fight for the next generation of product commitments needed to sustain itself.

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August 4, 2017  

Mexico’s share of auto investment, jobs seen as key NAFTA issue

US NAFTA objectives don’t mention auto sector specifically, but calls for stiffer rules of origin and more stringent environmental and labour standards.

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September 10, 2015  

Unifor applauds NDP auto spending announcement

Federal NDP reveal $90 million spending pledge for automotive manufacturing sector.

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March 11, 2014  

Unions denounce South Korea free trade deal

Unifor, USW cite growing trade deficit as a potential threat to Canadian auto sector, jobs.

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March 7, 2014  

Trade deal between Canada, South Korea meets resistance from auto sector

There’s concerns that removing a tariff of 6.1% on auto imports from South Korea will further skew the playing field.

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January 14, 2014  

Tories cancel outside consultant to help auto industry in free trade talks

Industry Minister’s spokesman says not approved by Moore’s office; more than enough civil servants to do the job

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November 20, 2013  

After five years, Canada and South Korea return to table on free trade

A successful deal would likely involve a trade-off between the auto and agricultural sectors.

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December 12, 2012  

Michigan approves laws limiting unions

Democrats, including Obama, offered a series of amendments to keep union rights intact, but were rejected by Republican dominated legislature.