Tech Centre Manufacturing Technology
March 19, 2020  

SKF Pulse goes Android

Application monitors rotating equipment.

News Manufacturing General Technology
March 27, 2018  

How Facebook was able to siphon off phone call and text logs

It began uploading call and text logs from phones running Google’s Android system in 2015

News Government Manufacturing General
April 20, 2016  

EU broadens Google battle with Android antitrust probe

Provider of internet services accused of forcing its own apps on customers.

News Manufacturing General Technology
February 23, 2016  

Chinese phones push aside Apple, Samsung and go global

Cheap Android phones with not-so-cheap features aim for more budget-conscious customers.

Tech Centre Manufacturing General Technology
November 1, 2015  

UHH2 shares logged data over Wi-Fi


News Electronics Manufacturing Business Operations General Production Technology
September 28, 2015  

BlackBerry unveils Android-powered smartphone, Priv

Switch was controversial, but one the Waterloo, Ont.-based company said is necessary to address a major marketing issue: a lack of apps.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
September 2, 2015  

Malware targeting Android phones on the rise

German report says some handsets are infected at sale.

News Automotive Manufacturing General Technology
May 28, 2015  

Apple, Android coming to your dashboard

GM to turn Chevy dashboards into smartphones; other automakers to follow.

News Government Manufacturing Business Operations Economy General
August 22, 2014  

New CRA mobile app eases tax pain for SMEs

Application allows business owners to create reminders and alerts for payments, returns and remittances.

News Electronics Manufacturing General Technology
June 13, 2014  

Samsung unveils AMOLED tablets with richer colours

New Galaxy Tab S flagship tab will be thinner and use less power.

Tech Centre Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations
January 9, 2013  

Tough tablets handle industrial operations

Panasonic’s Toughpads withstand harsh environments and boost shop floor mobility.

News Business Operations Facilities Maintenance Operations Technology
August 27, 2012  

Apple’s $1B patent win could mean smartphone domination

Verdict against Samsung deals a blow to the Android market.