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April 17, 2019  

Garneau calls for flight simulators before Max 8s can return to Canadian skies

Until recently, most U.S. airlines did not require flight simulation for pilots of the Max 8.

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April 16, 2019  

Additive manufacturer AP&C expands its Greater Montreal operations

GE company says it will add up to 75 skilled jobs over five years.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
April 11, 2019  

Boeing shareholder alleges investors were misled on Max jet

Lawsuit alleges by doing so, investors bought shares at “artificially inflated prices.”

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April 9, 2019  

From jets to cheese: US wants to put new tariffs on EU [UPDATED]

Suggests a breakdown in talks with the European Union over trade.

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April 8, 2019  

Heroux-Devtek wins contract to support US Navy unmanned tanker

MQ-25 aircraft will provide a refuelling capability, extend the range of the carrier air wing.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
April 4, 2019  

NRC and Airbus collaborate on improving air passenger experience

Data will help researchers identify low-cost, high-return changes that can be applied early in the aircraft design process.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
April 3, 2019  

Lufthansa Technik to add up to 50 jobs in Montreal by the end of 2021

Company is aiming to triple the local capacity for its mobile engine services offerings.

News Aerospace General
April 2, 2019  

Boeing, FAA say more time needed for fix of troubled 737 Max

The planes have been grounded around the world since mid-March.

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March 27, 2019  

FAA defends its reliance on aircraft makers to certify jets

Under the self-certifying program, planemaker employees perform tests and inspections needed to win safety approvals, with the FAA overseeing their work.

News Aerospace General
March 21, 2019  

European, Canadian regulators to do own review of Boeing jet

Marc Garneau said of the 737 Max that Canada will certify changes made to the plane’s software.

News Aerospace General
March 18, 2019  

AP Source: Justice Dept. probing development of Boeing jets

A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., sent a subpoena to someone involved in the plane’s development seeking emails, messages and other communications.

News Aerospace Government General
March 14, 2019  

US grounding of Boeing jet shows limits of company’s clout

Trump announced Wednesday that Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft in the U.S. were being grounded.

News Aerospace General
March 14, 2019  

Garneau orders grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8s over safety concerns

Decision to ground the planes a precautionary move made after a review of all available evidence, Transport Minister told a news conference.

News Aerospace Manufacturing Transportation General
March 11, 2019  

Garneau says he would board a Boeing 737 despite crash

Transportation minister responds to Air Canada Pilots call for proactive action to ensure the “safety of the Canadian travelling public.”

News Aerospace General
March 4, 2019  

‘The end of a fantastic era’ a look back on the Concorde

Supersonic transports could yet make a comeback.

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February 28, 2019  

National Defence lowballing cost of used Aussie fighters: budget officer [UPDATED]

The Trudeau government is buying the 18 Australian planes and up to seven spares to bolster Canada’s aging CF-18s.

News Aerospace Government General
February 28, 2019  

Trudeau announces Canada will be partner in NASA-led Lunar Gateway project [UPDATED]

NASA is embarking on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway, a space station it plans to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2022.

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February 28, 2019  

Embraer shareholders approve jet joint venture with Boeing

The deal gives Boeing a big stake in Embraer’s market for smaller regional jets.

News Aerospace General
February 26, 2019  

Laid-off Bombardier workers en-route to finding new roles at company and beyond

Last November, the plane-and-train-maker announced about 5,000 layoffs.

News Aerospace General
February 21, 2019  

Japanese spacecraft to attempt landing on distant asteroid

The Japanese space agency has compared the landing to touching down on a baseball mound from a height of 20 kilometres.

News Aerospace General
February 19, 2019  

First private Israel lunar mission to be launched this week

The launch is scheduled late Thursday in Florida.

News Aerospace General
February 19, 2019  

Canadian airlines waiting for guidance from Ottawa over X gender option

American, Delta and United confirmed they are in the process of updating booking tools to add less conventional gender categories.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
February 19, 2019  

Boeing exec to deliver keynote at DEX, PLANT and MM&P Expos Winnipeg

General manager of one of Canada’s largest aerospace manufacturers will speak to issues critical to all manufacturers.

News Aerospace Manufacturing General
January 31, 2019  

As demand soars, Boeing contemplates new plane

A replacement for less fuel-efficient, bigger planes that lets airlines launch new midrange routes.

News Aerospace General
January 24, 2019  

Bombardier acquires Global 7500 business jet wing program from Triumph Group

The company says the acquisition will strengthen its position as an aerostructures manufacturer.

News Aerospace Government General
January 24, 2019  

Canada to keep paying for F-35 development as fighter jet competition ramps up

The F-35 is one of four planes currently slated to participate in the $19-billion competition, which will result in the purchase of 88 new fighter aircraft to serve as the air force’s backbone for the coming decades.

News Aerospace General
January 24, 2019  

Airbus CEO warns it could leave UK in event of no-deal Brexit [UPDATED]

“Please don’t listen to the Brexiteers’ madness which asserts that, because we have huge plants here, we will not move and we will always be here,” Tom Enders said. “They are wrong.”

News Aerospace General
January 16, 2019  

Airbus starts work on A220 assembly line six months after Bombardier sold jetliner

Plant construction complete or not, production of the narrow-body aircraft is to start in the third quarter.

News Aerospace General
January 14, 2019  

Airbus open to a fighter plane assembly plant in Quebec ahead of federal bids

Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Saab are all in the running alongside Airbus for the federal contract.

News General
December 20, 2018  

Bombardier says business jets resistant to diplomatic skirmishes with China, Saudi

Business jets yield fatter margins than commercial planes; the Quebec manufacturer is staking its financial turnaround on the space.

News Aerospace General
December 5, 2018  

Aerospace centre explosion in India kills 1, injures 3

The suspected cause is a hydrogen cylinder.

News Aerospace General
December 3, 2018  

Planet Earth working on 3 Mars landers to follow InSight

A European-Russian robot, a Chinese craft, and an orbiter from the United Arab Emirates are due to explore the red planet.