Xogen pilots wastewater tech in Orangeville

ogen Technologies has a wastewater treatment pilot plant up and running in Orangeville and if testing is successful, the patented technology is headed for worldwide markets.

April 15, 2011   by PLANT STAFF

ORANGEVILLE, Ont.: Xogen Technologies Inc. has a wastewater treatment pilot plant up and running in Orangeville, Ont. and if testing is successful, the company will be taking its patented technology to the global marketplace.

Xogen, a technology company working in the wastewater and renewable energy sectors, said the pilot plant, operating within the town’s water pollution control plant, currently treats between 20 and 30 litres of raw wastewater per minute, but can handle up to 1,800 litres per hour.

The garage-sized plant (about 1,600 square feet) treats municipal wastewater to regulated requirements but also removes pharmaceuticals and personal care products to below detectable levels.

Xogen’s technology involves an electrolytic process that eliminates biosolids. But the process also produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases that can be used to create energy for reuse or sale to the Ontario power grid.

Since 1998, the company has invested $13 million in developing the technology that is protected by 34 patents worldwide.
Over the next year, researchers will assess the plant’s ability to meet municipal wastewater treatment regulations, while reducing air, soil and water emissions.

The company intends to take its technology to worldwide markets for municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment.

Xogen CEO Angella Hughes said federal government funding of about $2 million came from Sustainable Development Technology Canada. Provincial funding of approximately $300,000 has come through Xogen’s collaboration with University of Toronto leading up to the pilot plant.

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