Westport signs engine development deal with Tata

Will supply natural gas components for India’s largest engine manufacturer.

VANCOUVER — Westport Innovations has secured a deal with India’s Tata Motors to develop an engine for light- and medium-duty trucks and buses.

The Vancouver-based company develops engines that use fuels such as compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and renewable natural gas fuels such as landfill gas.

“This is a great opportunity to work with India’s largest engine manufacturer in a fast-growing marketplace demanding cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions,” said Westport executive vice-president Nicholas Sonntag.

Commercialization is expected to follow the development phase, with Westport supplying key natural gas engine components.

Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company, with operations in Britain, South Korea, Thailand, Spain and South Africa as well as India. It is also the world’s fourth- largest truck and bus manufacturer.

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