W2 Energy seeks SolarBug road certification

August 26, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

The solar-powered SolarBug carries two passengers and a small amount of cargo.
Photo: W2 Energy

GUELPH, Ont.:  W2 Energy Inc. has become a research affiliate of the Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE), which will certify the first commercially available solar-powered vehicle.

AzRISE is a global institute at the University of Arizona in Tucson focused on small-scale solar energy projects.


W2 Energy, a Guelph, Ont. a developer of green energy technologies and products, will be shipping one of its Solar Bug solar-electric vehicles to AzRISE from the recently acquired Free Drive Inc., in Bozeman, Mont., where the vehicle is manufactured.

W2 Energy said AzRISE will test the Solar Bug and provide third party certification of its operation and efficiency.

The tiny vehicle, which can carry two passengers and small amount of cargo, will be sold commercially in a low speed versions that travel at 40 kilometres per hour, and a medium speed version that hit 56 kilometres per hour in states that have medium speed electric vehicle laws.

With 200 watts of roof-mounted solar power and a proprietary regenerative braking system that converts braking energy into battery storage, the SolarBug is capable of travelling 50 kilometres a day on a full charge.
The company intends to establish dealers worldwide.

W2 Energy will also collaborate with AzRISE to develop new solar energy technologies will generate steam to drive the company’s

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