Upland leads in muffler innovation

August 10, 2009   by PLANT STAFF

Cambridge, Ont.: Upland Technologies Inc., an automotive OEM based in Cambridge, Ont., has been recognized by the Government of Canada as a Canadian Innovation Leader for its development of new machinery that produces mufflers with very low-emission leakage rates.
“The Government of Canada believes investments in science and technology are investments in Canada’s future,” said Gary Goodyear, minister of state (science and technology). “Our ideas, innovation and inventiveness ensure our long-term economic competitiveness.”
With more than a century of experience in the tube and sheet metal forming industries, Upland Technologies, in partnership with the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), has developed a full suite of five machines offered to auto manufacturers for the construction of mufflers. These machines are capable of producing mufflers with very low-emission leakage rates. The company is now engaged in designing specialized machines that will be able to manufacture hydro-formed automotive vehicle parts.
Canadian Innovation Leaders are small- or medium-sized enterprises (SME) that demonstrate specific advances in research and development within its industrial sector. With this in mind, the NRC created the Canadian Innovation Leader Certificate Program to recognize Canadian firms that have successfully developed and applied innovative technologies, said Tony Rahilly, director general of NRC-IRAP.
Upland Technologies has been working with NRC-IRAP since 2000. During that nine-year period, NRC-IRAP has invested approximately $355,000 in the joint project, focusing efforts on growing the company. And that extra focus is paying off. Upland is expected to achieve $4 million in sales this year, compared to their prior record of $2.1 million.
“Approximately $2 million of this year’s sales are due to the machine technologies developed with NRC-IRAP support,” said Rahilly.
He adds: “Helping companies develop and commercialize new technologies is the primary focus of NRC-IRAP. The government of Canada has recognized this by injecting $200 million over two years in NRC-IRAP’s budget to support the achievements of innovative firms like Upland Technologies.”

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