Twitter reactions to Keystone XL rejection

Check out some of the best Twitter reactions to yesterday's controversial Keystone XL pipeline decision.

January 19, 2012   by Matt Powell

TORONTO—It hasn’t quite been 24 hours since U.S. president Barrack Obama killed the $7-billion Keystone Pipeline project, but reaction on the Twitter-verse is running rampant.

Check out some reactions from both sides of the border—some names you’ll recognize, some you might not. Either way, yesterday’s decision has caused quite a stir on either side of the political spectrum.

Here’s’s best Twitter reactions to the Keystone XL pipeline decision:

@AllenWest (Florida Congressman): President is ridiculously irresponsible for denying Keystone project.

@PatriciaHeaton (actress – Everybody Loves Raymond): Our President rejects Keystone but pumps millions of taxpayer dollars into failing companies like #Solyndra

@KeithBoykin (NBC, MSNBC commentator): Funny how Republicans care so much about 6,000 temporary jobs from Keystone but dismiss the 200,000 jobs created by the economy in December.

@JohnBoehner (U.S. Speaker of the House): President Obama is destroying tens of thousands of American jobs and sending American energy security to the Chinese #KXL.

@CantorPress (Eric Cantor – U.S. opposition leader): President Obama’s rejection of #Keystone XL proves once again his actions do not match his rhetoric on #jobs

@JakeTapper (Senior White House Correspondent – ABC News): In wake of Keystone decision, PM Harper tells President Obama that Canada will work on sending oil to Asia.

@GreenPeaceUK: Major victory over Keystone XL #tarsands pipeline, but more battles to come

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