TransCanada promises 20,000 Keystone jobs

The Calgary-based energy firm says it has contracts with 50 suppliers in the U.S., which would create 13,000 construction and 7,000 manufacturing jobs in 17 states.

January 10, 2012   by The CANADAN PRESS

CALGARY—TransCanada Corp. has ramped up its publicity campaign for the Keystone XL pipeline, releasing a detailed breakdown of how the politically charged $7-billion project would create 20,000 jobs in the U.S. if it’s approved.

The project requires approval from the Obama administration, but has become a major issue in an election year because of pushback from environmental groups.

TransCanada has argued for months the pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast is vital to the U.S. because it will provide energy security and much-needed jobs.

The company claims it has contracts with more than 50 suppliers across the country, some of them in important political battlegrounds for upcoming elections.


It identified manufacturing locations for its equipment in 17 states, including Michigan, Ohio, New York and South Carolina.

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