Solar maker to lay off 60 plant workers

Siliken Canada blames PC leader Hudak and Ontario Power Authority for falling sales leading to layoffs

July 8, 2011   by The Canadian Press

WINDSOR—An Ontario solar panel plant is laying off staff and a company official is blaming the province’s PC party and the Ontario Power Authority.

Siliken Canada is laying off 60 plant workers and says they could be out of work for an unspecified amount of time. The company opened the plant in the spring with 121 staff and expected to open a third and fourth production line by October.

Those plans are now on hold.

Siliken production manager Richard Monk says sales fell after Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak vowed to kill the province’s deal with Siliken and the Green Energy Act.

He also blames the Ontario Power Authority for delays in connecting green energy projects to the power grid.


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