Shell, Aux Sable offgassing project cuts refinery emissions

Offgas plant cuts Scotford refinery emissions by 125,000 tonnes.

October 4, 2012   by PLANT STAFF

CALGARY—An agreement to send gas by-products from Shell Canada’s Scotford refinery to Aux Sable’s new Heartland Offgas Plant has cut refinery carbon emissions and laid the foundation for more valuable products such as hydrogen.

In the first year of the agreement, CO2 emissions from Shell’s Scotford Refinery have dropped by approximately 125,000 tonnes.

“That’s equal to taking about 25,000 cars off the road,” said Barry Klein, Scotford Manufacturing general manager, adding the deal between Shell and Aux Sable will see that kind of positive environmental impact annually.

Offgas is a waste by-product of the refining process that has little commercial value. Refineries use the gasses to fuel furnaces in the refinery’s processing units. By sending the offgas to Aux Sable’s plant and replacing it with cleaner burning natural gas, Shell reduces its greenhouse gas emissions.

The process used by Aux Sable breaks down the offgas into a number of more valuable product streams. One of these products – hydrogen – is then returned to Shell for use in its refinery process.

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