Saskatoon powers up its landfill

Energy project near completion, will power 1,300 homes.

July 18, 2012   by CANADIAN PRESS

SASKATOON: The city of Saskatoon is in the process of finishing a key phase of the Saskatoon Landfill Gas to Energy project as gas well drilling nears completion.

Manager Kevin Hudson says the project is part of the first power generation system built by the city in more than 100 years.

Drilling began with the successful sinking of the first well in May.

Since then, work has progressed to drill a total of 29 vertical wells into the capped area of the landfill.

The clay cap was installed over 12 hectares of the north mound last year.
The project consists of two separate components: a landfill gas collection system and power generation facility.

Capping the landfill traps methane emissions from decomposing waste and prevents it from being emitted into the atmosphere.

“The gas will be drawn out of the landfill through the wells and piped to a blower and flare station,” said Hudson.

Moisture will be removed from the gas and sent to the new facility to power two 800 kW generators.

Once operational, it is anticipated to produce enough electricity to power 1,300 homes.

The city says the resulting annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is expected to be equivalent to removing 9,350 cars from the road.

Power production is expected to start in the summer of 2013.

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