Saskatchewan’s Wall says he’s calling Mulcair’s bluff

Premier says NDP leader's environmental policies include carbon tax, which would destroy jobs.

June 8, 2012   by The Canadian Press

REGINA: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is taking federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to task for what Wall says are wealth transfer policies dressed up as environmental policies.

Wall says Mulcair’s talk of internalizing environmental costs for the resource sector sounds like code for cap-and-trade or a carbon tax.

The premier says such policies would kill jobs, drive up energy rates and threaten growth in Saskatchewan.

Mulcair has said his problem is with the federal government, not the provinces.

But Wall told party supporters at an event in Regina that Muclair has a problem with the province if that is his position.

The two starting trading barbs last month after Mulcair said the booming oil sector was hurting manufacturing in eastern Canada by driving up the dollar.

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