Ontario power supply steady for next 18 months

August 25, 2010   by PLANT STAFF

TORONTO: Ontario has sufficient electricity generation and transmission resources available to maintain reliability over the next year and a half, according to an outlook report by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

The Ontario agency reports 3,400 megawatts of new generation is expected to come online, giving the province sufficient generation and transmission resources for the next 18 months.

This supply includes 1,200 megawatts of new wind generation which will more than double the existing installed wind capacity and the IESO said more than 600 megawatts of gas-fired generation will be completed over the next year and a half. The remaining 1,500 megawatts will come from two refurbished nuclear units at the Bruce A Nuclear Station, which are expected to come back online during the third and fourth quarters of 2011.

Ontario intends to eliminate coal-fired power generation by 2014.


The report notes electricity consumption in Ontario is expected to show modest growth in 2010 and 2011 with increases of 1.5% and 0.3% as the economy picks up.

Industrial demand has increased monthly since the beginning of the year. The IESO expects demand to remain fairly flat as growth is offset by targeted conservation and demand response programs.

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