Ontario Liberals unveil lean cabinet [Photo Gallery]

New cabinet includes 22 ministers, down from 28 as McGuinty’s Liberals face a minority government

October 20, 2011   by Daily Staff

TORONTO—Ontario’s new Liberal minority government has unveiled its leaner cabinet as Premier McGuinty sticks to his mantra that current economic uncertainty requires a steady hand at the wheel.

The new, reduced cabinet will include 22 ministers, including the premier, down from the previous cabinet of 28.

And despite speculation that members of the opposing NDP and Progressive Conservatives may cross the floor to give the Liberals a majority, no one from either side defected.

Instead, McGuinty has introduced a veteran group as many of the ministers re-elected Oct. 6 were rewarded with cabinet posts, all familiar faces, some in newly appointed posts.

Check out the photos below to see which MP’s will have the biggest effects on Canadian business


Dwight Duncan

Duncan remains Finance Minister but will also accept the role of Deputy Premier.


Brad Duguid

Duguid moves from the energy department to become Minister for Economic Development and Innovation


Chris Bentley

The former Attorney General has been named Minister for Energy. Bentley will be responsible for maintaining the ever-controversial Liberal energy plans


Rick Bartolucci

Sudbury’s Bartolucci becomes Minister for Northern Development and Mining


Jim Bradley

Bradley moves from Community Safety to take on the role of Minister for the Environment


Michael Gravelle

Gravelle takes over the department of Natural Resources and Forestry


Bob Chiarelli

Ottawa’s Chiarelli will man the Minstry of Transportation and Infrastructure